DCI Software has saved one customer almost a million dollars already!
Our system easily adapts to frequent changes in Medicaid, Medicare and other cost containment regulations, freeing your staff and your funds.   
Giving Money Back To Those Who Matter Most...
Our Direct Care Workers
It's no secret that care providers pour time and resources into administrative tasks: time we would rather devote to our patients, and resources we would rather provide to our caregivers. As demand for home care rises, HR professionals turn to software solutions to recruit and retain employees, manage billing and payroll, and, most importantly, enable organizations to reallocate resources to improve the employee experience.
With mobile technology, care workers receive updated information about their patients before arriving at their homes.

Automated billing and insurance authorizations allow care workers to focus on providing care and companionship.

Far from eliminating jobs, automated processes empower your staff to streamline and manage workloads. By saving money on administrative labor, you can offer competitive compensation to your existing workers and hire new team members.

Direct Care Innovations leads the industry in workforce management solutions. Our all in one software solution allows Medicare and Medicaid providers a way to manage attendance, time worked, scheduling, client visit verification (CVV), insurance authorizations and training from one software platform. Our all in one solution saves both time and money.

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