Some schools beat the odds by "doing school" in new ways. But for every child and every school to thrive, we need to change the odds by creating strategic school systems. By restructuring how those systems use resources -people, time, and money - we transform schools and students.

Creative strategies from real schools

American teachers spend far fewer hours working in teams to plan lessons, review student data, and practice skills than teachers in high-performing countries.

If we want all students to reach rigorous standards, school systems must enable schools to redesign schedules so that teachers have enough time to plan instruction and learn together. Freeing the time to do this can be challenging and often requires resource shifts and changes to contracts that support the system, so both system and school leaders need to be involved.

If systems invest in more collaborative planning time, it makes sense to ensure that time is spent engaging with rigorous, coherent curricula.

The Louisiana Department of Education used the power of its size to scale access to high-level curriculum. Without issuing mandates, they "made the best way the easiest way" for all districts. Our final "Connected Professional Learning" brief focuses on the resources and process needed to provide access to high-level curricula at scale. 

Tools to Redesign Schools for Teacher Professional Learning

We created tools for system leaders who want to support school leaders in making key resource shifts that enable teacher professional learning. 
  • Designing Schools that WorkWhile there is no "right way" to organize resources, this publication explores six common design essentials found in high-performing schools serving high-need students. 
  • School Scheduling Tools: A master schedule can shape how adult and student learning takes place in the school. We recommend school teams take three steps with accompanying tools to create time for teacher professional learning.

What We're Reading... 
Because our children deserve more than a few great schools.

Ensuring college and career readiness for all students, especially lower-income students and students of color, requires redesigning school systems to enable new ways of organizing schools for student and teacher learning. School System 20/20 is our vision for transforming school systems so every school succeeds for every student, because of the system - not in spite of it.



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