As Thanksgiving approaches, many of our students are learning the story of Stone Soup. In the story, each of the villagers contributed a little bit to the soup, not realizing that all of their collective contributions were what made the soup what it was: a tasty meal to be shared by all.

Seeing Northland students learn this story fills our hearts with thanksgiving that our children get to attend such a wonderful school. That is why we give.

We give knowing that each contribution we make—no matter how big or small—will add up to something great we can all share together, just like the villagers do in the story. We each get to share in something much more special than a bowl of soup. Our special something is Northland Christian School. So, be encouraged to give many thanks this time of year. And if you haven’t given yet to the Annual Fund, now would be a great time to contribute a little bit to our special school.