December 2017
Dear Friend of the Climate,

This is the time of year we reflect on our accomplishments, dreams and goals. For me this is a time of immense gratitude and I look around me and see everything I have to be grateful for. In addition to my family, I am grateful for Elders Climate Action which brings me joy, frustration, motivation and many other incredible feelings. The lights of my life are my two young grandsons and they are the reason I do the work that I do. They are young now but in 2077 my youngest will be the age I am today. Living in Florida, we are very aware of sea level rise in the present and intensifying in the future. It is terrifying to see what this state will look like in 2077 even with conservative sea level rise. There will little habitable land on the Florida peninsular by that time. So why am I filled with gratitude? Elders Climate Action and the environmental movement are growing and I am grateful to all of you, our ECA members and family for taking on the hard work involved with stemming the tide of climate change. It is urgent, yes, but we still have time to act now for future generations. I wish you all a holiday season filled with peace, joy and happiness.
Geri Freedman
Elders Climate Action, Co-Chair
*Above picture Geri and Family
As we close out 2017 and look forward to 2018 we are so grateful to all of our supporters, partners and allies taking Climate Action. This month's newsletter focuses on our deepest gratitude to the Elders standing with Elders Climate Action and moving forward our important mission.
Thank you for an amazing day of giving on #GivingTuesday. Although we did not reach our goal of $5000 in one day, we saw the largest day of giving in our 3 year history! Thank you to everyone who gave and made our day at ECA!
“I want to express my profound gratitude for having found this work--to be focused on solving the most important issue of our time, to be able to volunteer doing the most rewarding work I could be doing.”

~ Shirley, ECA Coordinating Council
Help ECA Extend Our Roots In the Climate Action Movement!
On #GivingTuesday Elders Climate Action received our largest number of donations in a single day! But we cannot stop there, we have work to do. Please take a moment to support our Year End Campaign!

Donate today and help us reach our goal of raising $25,000 to support our mission to mobilize elder climate voters in 2018!

All gifts big and small are welcome! Show your commitment to being and an elder climate voter in 2018 by supporting ECA today.

Give by December 31st and your donation will be matched by the ECA Leadership! Up to $25,000

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Arizona Chapter Launch and Wild West Pre-Conference Report

By Hazel Chandler, Co-Leader of Arizona Chapter

In October Arizona became the fifth chapter of Elders Climate Action! In November we hosted a Pre-Conference in association with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Wild West Regional Conference in the beautiful North Mountain Preserve Visitor Center. Presentations included information about ECA as well as the Climate Reality slideshow by John Sorensen about the impacts of climate change and the path forward.  The session included discussion around starting chapters in the Western States and
developing community partners to create a movement of climate voters. Our strategy to launch our chapter as part of the CCL event provided contacts and support across the region. We are encouraging other ECA chapters to follow Arizona’s example of holding conferences in conjunction with CCL regional conferences.
Above: Participants of the ECA Pre-Conference from across the Wild West Region and the start of the ECA Arizona Chapter!
NorCal Chapter has been busy!
Thank you to the Northern California Chapter Members who have been busy tabling at a number of events!

Image on Right: Grace Severtson, Marilyn Price, and Katherine Da Silva Jain at an Organizing For America event, raising awareness with their ECA T-shirts, hats and literature.

"I'm grateful for the collaboration and camaraderie I have with other ECA leaders and members."
~ Margo, ECA Coordinating Council
We are grateful to Gloria & David Mog - ECA Members, North Virginia Team

The Mogs Receive Grant to Support ECA!

By Gloria Mog

We have been members of NOVA Catholic Community in Arlington for 34 years. One of our members died recently and left money to the Community to be used for Peace and Social Justice projects. Members were asked to submit proposals for the dispersal of these funds; we requested $5,000 to further the work of Elders Climate Action. In conversation with ECA leaders, we learned that the best use of these funds would be to support the next conference in 2018 and, specifically, the videotaping of speakers and panels that would allow all ECA members to benefit from the Conference whether they could attend or not. Although it had never funded an environmental project, NOVA decided to award $4,000 toward this endeavor. We are hopeful that this might serve as a model for ECA members who participate in secular or faith communities that support social activism and might consider a significant grant to ECA.

Thank You Gloria and David!
"I am grateful at the progress that has been made this year to elevate the urgency of action around climate change."
~ Hazel, ECA Coordinating Council
Fundraise for ECA on your Birthday on FaceBook!

Hazel did and it WORKED!

Celebrate your birthday or other special events by asking your friends and family to donate! With each birthday I become increasingly concerned about the world my grandchildren will live in when they reach my age. In honor of my birthday, I did a Facebook fundraising request, asking my friends and relatives to donate to Conscious Elders Network (non-profit umbrella for Elders Climate Action). Although the money I raised was small (under $100), I encourage all ECA members to be creative in their fundraising efforts. Just think of what together we could do to impact the world our grandchildren will inherit.  

Imagine what we can do, if we work TOGETHER for Climate Change Solutions!
Just Do It! It's Simple!
On your Facebook page, toward the bottom of the column on the left-hand side, click on “Fundraiser.” Under the nonprofit tab, search for Conscious Elders Network. Type a message to your friends about why they should donate in your honor to support ECA’s mission of mobilizing elders throughout the United States to address climate change while there is still time to protect future generations.

Thank You Hazel!
ECA Monthly
National Call
We will be taking a holiday break from the National Call to spend time with our families.

Please join us on the next National Call January 23rd and kick off 2018 with us.

"I am grateful to ECA for providing an excellent platform to work for combating climate change for our grandchildren."
~Steve, ECA Coordinating Council

Send a letter to your Member of Congress and urge them to take action on climate change legislation TODAY.

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