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Bulldog Spotlight:
Meet Scrunchie

Our family went through some changes. They went their separate ways and that left my sister, Lucy May, and I looking for another family to call our own. We love everyone and everything. We have gone to the dog park many times and never caused any problems with anyone. We love small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs. Once, a jumbo dog ran over us, so we try to stay out of the area at the dog park with the jumbo dogs.

I am five years old, so I am mature and through with all that wild puppy behavior. I loooovve sun bathing. I really love rolling around in the grass on my back. I get excited and grunt and bark, and oh, it just feels so good!

My foster parents have another dog, who seems nice. He's trying to teach me how to "play." I'm just not sure how to do it yet. I sure do like watching him run around, though.

My foster parents are nice and pick me up to put me on the couch when I sit at their feet and look up real sweet at them. They have a bigger couch upstairs that I love, but I'm not ready for the stairs so they carry me up and down them, too. I'm getting used to being picked up, as long as they stay away from my sensitive tail area (due to it being removed). However, I've tried a couple times to get on the couch by myself, and I think I'll keep trying because couch sitting is almost as nice as sunbathing.

I’m getting better and I’m trying to “run.” Foster Dad calls it high gear, low range... Whatever that means.

I learned how to play chase! Foster brother was so excited, he ran into to the doorway. I helped Foster Mom with a craft project and Foster Dad thought that was hilarious. He also thought it was funny that I learned how to crawl under the bed with my cat friend. Foster brother was annoyed because he hasn’t figured out how to fit under there, yet. 

I love my foster family, but more than anything I want a loving forever family. Please check out all my pictures and updates on the rescue website. I think you will agree I would be a great fit for your family.
The Magic of the Special Needs Bulldog
Who does not thrill to the prospect of adopting the ideal Bulldog? A future free from multiple health and behavioral issues shines with promise. For many LSBCR waifs, fate has not dealt them an idyllic hand. What is to become of them?
Fortunately, many of us embrace the fortitude of our beleaguered wards. Special needs Bullies would perish but for rescue, shelters, vet clinics, foster homes, and adoptive families who believe in the innate potential and value of their lives. When we consider that these dogs are not so different from us in facing down life’s challenges, finding room in our hearts and homes is not a chore, but a joy.  
What is a Special Needs Bulldog?
Bulldogs enter rescue through many portals such as innocent but sad surrenders. Sometimes, abuse, starvation, disease, and neglect bring them to our embracing arms. Congenital defects like spina bifida or paralysis plague some. Others suffer from chronic cancer, heart, digestive diseases, and joint dysplasia. Skin/coat allergies, cherry eye, heartworm, flea & tick infestation, deafness, and blindness are other sources of heartbreak.  
Passion motivates us to serve these sweet creatures, our closest companions in the fauna kingdom. Altruism plays a role, but the joy of success shrinks all other inspirations to insignificance. Our humanity endows us with the drive and resolve to bring these Bullies back from the brink. With our help, they climb the steepest hills.  
We can learn much about success by observing the determination and heroic spirit of the Bullie. How these dogs rally to conquer their demons overwhelms our fantasies. Their appetite for life, love, and companionship generate astounding results.  
Who Can Adopt Special Needs Bulldogs?
Many willing adoptive families cherish disadvantaged Bulldogs. One family that consistently adopts long odds Bullies of infirm senior vintage or chronic sickness conditions states flatly, and humorously that, “We no longer have pets; we have patients.” That comical chestnut portrays the soul and spirit of love and acceptance.
Young families learn and teach about caring for the unfortunate in their lives. Tending to the needs of others is an act of love which positively impacts a lifetime of behavior. Treatment of our dogs is emblematic of our dedication to humane treatment to all.
Older families return some of their many life blessings by devoting a part of their wisdom and fortune to the benefit of those who cannot help themselves.   
Want to bring joy into your home?  Adopt a special needs Bulldog.
Thanks for an Amazing

What an amazing evening! We want to thank all our Party Partners, Vendors, Silent Auction Donors, Volunteers and Attendees for one of the best evenings ever! There were some surprising decorations and costumed Bulldogs and owners. We had 480 people in attendance. Through your generosity and hard work we raised over $21,000 for the Bulldogs.
Chewy Partnership

Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is an official charity partner of Chewy.com ! What does that mean? It means mo' $$ for our foster dogs! 

Here's how it works: Everyone who visits www.chewy.com/rp/9964 automatically gets “tagged” by Chewy's system and they keep track of the person's activities. Once they’ve made a purchase and qualify (first time customer, one per household), our organization gets a donation point, worth $20! You save on quality food and pet products, and we get much needed funding! What’s better than that?
Amazon Smile

Did you know that when you shop for the holidays at smile.amazon.com/ch/75-2684942 , AmazonSmile donates to The Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue?
Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family and holiday feasts—but also a time for possible distress for our animal companions. Pets won’t be so thankful if they munch on undercooked turkey or a pet-unfriendly floral arrangement, or if they stumble upon an unattended alcoholic drink.

Check out the following tips for a fulfilling Thanksgiving that your pets can enjoy, too:

  • Talkin’ Turkey: If you decide to feed your pet a small bite of turkey, make sure it’s boneless and well-cooked. Don't offer her raw or undercooked turkey, which may contain salmonella bacteria. Do not give your pet the left over carcass–the bones can be problematic for the digestive tract.
  • No Bread Dough: Don't spoil your pet’s holiday by giving him access to raw yeast bread dough. When a dog or cat ingests raw bread dough, the yeast continues to convert the sugars in the dough to carbon dioxide gas and alcohol. This can result in bloated drunken pets, which could become a life-threatening emergency, requiring hospitalization.
  • Don't Let Them Eat Cake: If you plan to bake Thanksgiving desserts, be sure your pets keep their noses out of the batter, especially if it includes raw eggs—they could contain salmonella bacteria that may lead to food poisoning.
  • A Feast Fit for a King: While your family enjoys a special meal, give your cat and dog a small feast of their own. Offer them made-for-pets chew bones. Or stuff their usual dinner—perhaps with a few added tidbits of turkey, vegetables (try sweet potato or green beans) and dribbles of gravy—inside a food puzzle toy. They’ll be happily occupied for awhile, working hard to extract their dinner from the toy.

A few small boneless pieces of cooked turkey, a taste of mashed potato or even a lick of pumpkin pie shouldn’t pose a problem. However, don't allow your pets to overindulge, as they could wind up with a case of stomach upset, diarrhea or even worse—an inflammatory condition of the pancreas known as pancreatitis. In fact, it’s best keep pets on their regular diets during the holidays. Please visit the ASPCA People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets page for more information. (From ASPCA)
How You Can Help Rescue!
There are a host of Volunteer Opportunities .
Attend one of our Events .
Make a purchase from our Online Store .
Make a Donation .
Purchase something on our Amazon Wish List .
Upcoming Events. . .
Bulldog Bonanza at Shannon Brewing Company, 818 N Main St., Keller
Sunday, November 3 — 1-4 PM

Please join us for another Bulldog bonanza! We’ll be visiting Shannon Brewing Company in Keller and we want you to come out too. Stop by to say hello to the cutest Bulldogs around ~ some of the foster dogs of Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue.
You’ll also be able to meet some of our volunteers to learn more about our program and ask your Bulldog-specific questions. Plus, you’ll be able to purchase one of our T-shirts to support and raise awareness of our mission of saving Bulldogs.

Many thanks to our friends at Shannon for hosting this get-together for us!
Bulldogs at Cold Beer Company in Deep Ellum
3600 Main St., Dallas
Saturday, November 9 — 2 to 4 PM

Please join us at one of our favorite places for another Bulldog bonanza! We’ll be visiting Cold Beer Company and we want you to come out too.

If you have a buddy who is considering a new dog, bring him along so he can be indoctrinated to the magic of the Bulldog breed. 

Many thanks to Carter and all of our friends at Cold Beer Company for agreeing to host this get-together for us. We’re looking forward to sharing a bite and raising our glasses to our beloved Bulldogs!
Bulldog Bonanza at Grub Burger Bar
3101 Heritage Trace Parkway, Fort Worth
Sunday, November 17 — 2 to 5 PM

Stop by to say hello to the cutest Bulldogs around ~ some of the foster dogs of Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue.

You’ll also be able to meet some of our volunteers to learn more about our program and ask your Bulldog-specific questions. Plus, you’ll be able to purchase our merchandise to support and raise awareness of our mission of saving Bulldogs.

Many thanks to our friends at Grub Burger Bar for hosting this get-together for us!
New Merchandise…..

 We have lots of new items for sale on our website. More will be added later this month. Each purchase helps support our mission. Be sure to to check out our Store .
Some Of Our Available Bulldogs
Ariel (Age 3)
Casey Renea (Age 12 Months)
Evangeline (Age 6)
Cool Whip (Age 6)
Lulu Rose (Age 4)
Rocco Jon (Age 5)
Pumpkin Butter (Age 2)
Mr Deeds (Age 2)
Angel (Age 5)
Kahlua (Age 4)
Mission Statement:
Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is a non-profit, completely volunteer-driven group dedicated to saving and rehoming Bulldogs with loving families.