Bulldog Spotlight:
Meet Taylor Denea!

From Taylor: I was recently saved by a family from a bad situation. My new family realized they could not give me the care I needed, so they contacted rescue.
I used to live outside and I have some eye issues. But I am an inside dog now and all my problems are behind me! I went to the vet clinic to get checked out and everything fixed. This is what “the good life” is that I was promised by the people who rescued me. I’m loving it!
I'm 2 years old and weigh 55 pounds. I'm well-behaved and I love people, kids and other dogs. I think I would be good in just about any home.

From Foster Pops: Taylor loves evening walks with the big boy here. They walk well together, except she tries to wander off sometimes.
The best part is that she discovered a whole new world—toys! Who knew it could be so much fun to chew on a bone or throw it up on the air and try to catch it?

Taylor Denea is quickly becoming one of my favorite fosters in a long time. She is so inquisitive and every day is a new adventure for her. She has done extremely well with all my dogs and is even willing to share the toys she has just discovered. She is doing great with her house training and leash walks.
One of her favorite new activities is sitting by me on the couch and chewing her bone with great enthusiasm.