Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
Dream Journal – November 2021 
First Completed Preschool
A huge thank you and undying gratitude goes to volunteer extraordinaire Bernard Ng, BHN Architecture in Singapore, who has not only designed our beautiful and functional new community preschools BUT he has been there virtually, every step of the way, to supervise the construction of the first building.

His eagle eyes have caught errors in the laying of the bricks and ensuring that the roof is anchored with steel joint to make it safe for the children. The painting in a select combination of colors needed our education team to lend a helping hand. The second preschool building is being built very fast and efficiently and is 75% completed as the construction team has learned a great deal and now have a perfect example of the first one being done to the specifications.

A big thanks to The Forgotten International who have again generously donated $6,000 to support our growing preschool program. The preschool kids will have to wait until January 2022 before they hopefully receive government permission to return to their beautiful preschools.
Rotary Club Toilet Blocks completed
Despite many Covid related challenges CCDO has completed The Global Rotary WASH project, in conjunction with RC Sentosa, Singapore.

As the primary and secondary students finally return to their schools they are thrilled to find clean modern facilities. Frequent hand washing will continue to be essential so the wash stations are indeed a big health and life changing blessing. Here are two quotes from the community:

“We never see a beautiful latrine and hand washing in my community. We are so happy to have them at my school, and they will strongly contribute to attracting kids to study in schools and everyone can access them anytime.”

Mr. HOUT Heng
Head of Teachers at Khnat Primary School
“My friends and I are so glad to have a latrine and hand washing station in my school. We can use them anytime now. Thanks for your donation! You changed our lives!”

Chi Sophea
School Child at Mebon Primary School 
English Work Books Distributed
CCDO is excited to announce that the schools are now open for in person learning as all the older kids are vaccinated. In conjuction with the Ministry of Education, CCDO has designed and printed new culturally appropriate multilevel English workbooks and distributed them to the schools. Thank you Mr. Sitha, our English teacher trainer for taking on this extra task.
Mobile Library Continues
Bill Taylor and the SE Asia Foundation have donated $7,700 to extend their Mobile Library outreach for another year. Reading is an important part of education, but access to books for Cambodian rural children is very limited.

Would you consider donating funds for library books?

We can purchase a variety of books in Siem Reap for $1 each. Our goal is to have 500 new books for each school. You would help bring literacy to over 12,000 kids.
Breakfast is Served
With the kids in school again, breakfast is again served in schools before the start of the first learning period. We are grateful for Elsie Gung of Rotary Club Hong Kong Central, who have recently donated $2,100 to feed more kids a nutritious meal.

Special thanks to Daniel Chung Ting Yee, Ms Choi Chi Wei, Ms Olivia Choi Tze Kar, Ms Simone Kong and RC Phnom Penh Capital who generously donated to the breakfast fund.

Twin your child or grand child
Help change the life of a underprivileged Cambodian child by ‘twining’ them with your child or grandchild. Our teams working in village communities daily are so happy to find a boy or a girl born in the same month. A small contribution of $100 every 6 months can give a better start and make a huge difference in the life it the child and his family.


Larissa Behr in Germany has twinned her son, Mads with cute Ravy. who loved receiving some baby toys amongst other goodies.

Carol & Mark Duster twinned their grandson Declan William Duster with baby Sokthy. Apart from food and clothes, the family needed a toilet as well as repair to the roof of their house. Carol & Mark generously provided this for them.
Sokthy’s family house

You can easily change the direction of a child’s life with a small donation and celebrate the joy of the new baby in your family.

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
to change lives, one child at a time.