November  2015
Let's Give Thanks for AT!

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AT in the Kitchen & at the Table




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Free STAR Training

Join us as we "Give Thanks for AT"  Tuesday, Nov. 24, 9 a.m.-noon, at the UCP Technology & Training Center, located at 1856 Keats Drive NW, Huntsville, AL 35810. 

This FREE training, sponsored by STAR, is designed for teaching and healthcare professionals (.3 ASHA CEUs), as well as consumers and families. 

Explore assistive technology in all environments, including iPad accessibility, switches, and more!  

Email Kate at tasc@ucphuntsville.org for registration and more information. 

Space is limited to the first 25 registrants!

Cooking with AT
Cooking independently is an important skill during any time of the year, but especially at Thanksgiving. Participating in food preparation is a great way to include everyone. 

Items like the  Pour Thing and  Bowl Holder are great ways to pour food and drinks without having to hold heavy containers.  The  Onion Chopper  is an easier way to chop up veggies. No need for a knife! 

This  Boil Alert is wonderful if water is sometimes left on the stove and forgotten (the glass bounces around making noise to remind you the water is boiling!). 

There are many alternatives for opening cans, like the  Ring Pull Can Opener and  Automatic Can OpenerBaggy Rack is a must-have tool that holds open a plastic storage bag so you can focus on getting the leftovers inside. 

Last but not least, the Talking Measuring Cup allows someone with low vision to recognize how much liquid is in the cup. It is possible to make your own Switch Activated cup as well!

Eating with AT

Everyone looks forward to holiday meals. Sometimes just a few tweaks to current utensils can make a huge impact for a positive and accessible dining experience. 

There are TONS of different ways to adapt utensils. You can use foam to adapt your current utensils or buy new adapted ones, such as  T-Grip Bendable UtensilsWeighted Grip Utensils, and  Swivel Handle Utensils

There are also AT aids for drinking, including the  HandsteadyNosey CupsFeeding cups ,  and  Extra Long Drinking Straws

The  Butter Cutter is a great alternative to trying to chop solid butter with a knife and the Round Up Plate is one of very many plates that allow for easy scooping. 

Happy cooking and eating with AT this holiday season!

Look what's new for loan @al.at4ll

Cadueus Stylus
-VERY flexible stylus that can wrap around any surface
- For loan 

Button Aid
-For loan
-For buttoning with only one hand. Great for artritis. 
 Brought to you by STAR, a program of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, in partnership with T.A.S.C., a program of UCP Huntsville.
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