Clean water for God's thirsty children
Even In Difficult Times, We Have Gratitude For Our Many Blessings
New Water Women receive their buckets and Sawyer PointONE filters.
One of our team members helps a new Water Woman assemble the equipment -- a new Sawyer PointONE filter and bucket.
It seems to be a daily dose of bad news: numbers of cases, people out of work, children unable to attend school or play with their friends, older at-risk people unable to see their families.

But because of your prayerful support, we at Water With Blessings receive rays of hope each day. While the world continues to confront the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak, we are hearing good news from our teams here in the US and around the world.

In the Navajo Nation, our partners at Defend Our Community are translating and recording audio training session into the Navajo language. This, along with the beautiful new training manuals, will help us move even more quickly in helping provide clean water to those in need.
A young boy waits for his
first cup of clean water.
Our teams in Haiti continue their great work, training another 300 Water Women last week, which means clean water for another 1200 families. This in an area with many children under age 5 -- those most likely to die of water-borne illnesses.

And two of our team members in Honduras ventured into a very remote community and trained 60 new Water Women. So 240 families now have access to clean water.

All this is happening in the midst of one of the greatest health challenges in anyone's memory, while taking all the precautions necessary to keep our teams and the people they serve safe from harm.

You are the source of these many blessings. By generously sharing your gifts, you change lives and transform communities around the world.

We are so grateful for your support.
You are the ones who bring
clean water to God's thirsty children.
Please Drive-thru on Saturday to
Support Our Efforts In the Philippines
As we mentioned last week, we have a special opportunity for all of our Louisville-area friends:

We're partnering with My BalikBayan LLC to raise awareness for our work in the Philippines, especially with the Franciscan Oikos Sisters.

In Filipino culture, "Balikbayan boxes" are used for the shipping of special gifts to members of a family. We are doing the same thing for members of the Water With Blessings family in the Philippines. We are working in cooperation with the Franciscan Oikos Sisters, our first partners in the Philippines.

My BalikBayan approached us recently with this wonderful opportunity. They have a history of helping orphans by shipping contributions. When they told us they were looking for a trustworthy orphanage, we knew just who that would be.

BalikBayan LLC will be collecting for orphans. The greatest needs are school supplies, flip-flops, t-shirts, cotton shorts, or sundresses. Children's vitamins and OTC meds will also be very much appreciated.

WWB will be raising funds to send more filters to the sisters for the village they're building for homeless families. We'll have wonderful masks for sale, created by our great friend Barbara Oesteritter (like we said, if you have to wear one, it might as well be beautiful). Charlotte Ford’s great craft work will also be available for purchase, to support her project of sending handmade dolls to the children in time for Christmas.

We’ll also have our regular soap and coffee for sale.

Water filters, Christmas gifts for orphans, boxes to family back home... it's all coming together on Saturday, August 15, 1-5 pm at 103 N. Madison Ave., 40243. (And again on September 27!)

Please spread the word, and come out to see our first balikbayan drive thru event!
The Power of One --
Providing The Gift of Life...

One look at her face tells you all you need to know: the look of determination as this new Water Woman signs her pledge to provide clean water for her own and 3 other families.

It may sound over-dramatic, but it's not: a gift to Water With Blessings saves lives around the world.

One gift of $75 will equip a Water Woman with a bucket and a Sawyer PointONE filter, and provide the training needed for her to provide clean water to her own and 3 other families. It's just that simple.

You are already doing this, so we ask you to help us in a different way: please spread the news. Please forward this email to one of your friends, or anyone you think may want to join the growing Water With Blessings Family.

If you've helped us recently, we thank you once again for your generosity. If you haven't please consider making a gift today by clicking the link below.
This Week's Coffee Chat Will Get Your Creativity Flowing
This Friday, August 14, our very special guest will be the noted illustrator and author Gertrud Mueller Nelson. She contributed her artistic talents and many hours in designing and illustrating our beautiful new training manuals for the Navajo Nation. She also created the lovely prayer that concludes the book. We’re proud to say that our Navajo Program Manual is our most beautiful manual yet!

Because Gertrud lives out west, this Friday's Coffee Chat will begin at 12 noon eastern time (9am Pacific).

If you've participated in other Coffee Chats, please join us once again. If you haven't please click on the button below to receive the link. Then on Friday, grab your favorite (mid-day) beverage and be ready to hear some good news for a change.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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