November 2021 Edition
The High Desert Droplet is a collection of tips to help you prevent stormwater pollution in your community.

Giving Thanks for a Green Community
How to have a green and clean Thanksgiving
We’re grateful to have stormwater troopers like you protecting our High Desert this Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to bring friends and family together and put your green habits into practice. Here are three easy ways to green-up your festivities.
When it Rains it Pours–Stormwater Pollution in our Watershed
How Rain Impacts our High Desert's Watershed
Stormwater pollution is water runoff that flows through our neighborhoods and eventually makes its way to the watershed. While it flows through streets, neighborhoods and parking lots, it picks up chemicals and toxins like animal waste, litter, pesticides and oil. Follow these steps to keep pollution out of our waterways this rainy season.
What is the Mojave River Watershed Group?
For more than 15 years, we've helped keep stormwater pollution out of the Mojave River.
The Mojave River Watershed Group is made up of representatives from the County of San Bernardino, Town of Apple Valley, City of Hesperia and City of Victorville. Together, we work to keep our waterways clean by participating in and sponsoring community cleanups, spreading eco awareness messages and working with partners to practice a green lifestyle. Read more about what we do.
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Visit the California Stormwater Quality Association’s website for the state’s leading news.