In November, the ISB presented:

American Muslims: Beliefs and Practices

The ISB presented to the following:

Autrey Mill Middle School

Congregation Dor Tamid 

Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Epiphany Lutheran Church

Hospice Atlanta

Women's Group Suwanee

The ISB thanks our presenters:

Tariq Abdul-Haqq
Noor Abbady
Huma Faruqi
Fairyal Halim
Rabeea Janjua
Karen Katoot
Amin Tomeh

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Thank you for supporting the ISB and for allowing us to make a difference in your communities. Through educating others, we can continue to build bridges of understanding.

We at the ISB would like to extend a message of peace, warmth, and acceptance to everyone.  Many thanks to our many friends who have reached out to us in support the last two weeks.  I would like to share some words from my good friend, Rabbi Joshua Lesser. He said,  "When the Muslim community is discriminated against and targeted, I feel targeted. When the Muslim community feels under threat, I am to show up and stand with you. And I am not alone in that sentiment, which means you are not alone."  I would like to thank him for his words and encourage you to read his open letter to the Muslim community here. Only when we stand together can we create a strong and loving community.

We would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you find moments to reflect on the blessings that you are truly thankful for.

Many have asked, How can we support you? We ask that you tell your family and friends about the ISB and ask them to invite our speakers to their groups.  Another easy way is to donate to our work.  Our work would not be possible without your tax deductible donation.  Your investments in the ISB  help make our communities stronger by understanding each other and forming friendships.  

Soumaya Khalifa
Executive Director of the ISB 

ISB Gives out Thanksgiving Dinners In Fayette County!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the ISB gave back to the Summer Lunch Program communities of Fayetteville and Peachtree City on Thursday November 17th. This was their ninth year of making this program a success! 
The ISB  conducted this program with their neighbors: the Islamic Community Center of Atlanta, the Fayetteville First United Methodist Church, Christ our Shepherd, and the First Presbyterian Church. 
Volunteers shopped for food, pre-packed trays, and delivering the Thanksgiving Dinners door to door to 120 grateful families. Thank you to our dedicated volunteers!


Soumaya Khalifa and Bishop Right Featured in Pathways Magazine!
Khalifa and Bishop Wright featured in Pathways Magazine

Please watch their full interview  here If you would like to read their interview, please order your free copy of the magazine Pathways  here .
Interfaith Panel for Peace a Success!

On November 13th, Amin Tomeh of the ISB participated in the Interfaith Panel for Peace at Congregation Dor Tamid. Tomeh joined Rabbi David Katz of Congregation Dor Tamid, Gogi Basi who represented Sikhism, Father Joseph Mullakkara of St. Benedict's Church, and Gareth Young, who represented Buddhism.   Mr. Shannon Flounnory, Executive Director of Safely and Security of Fulton County Schools, moderated the panel.

Basi, Young, and Tomeh also serve on the I nterfaith Speakers Network that serves to "promote peace and understanding through religious teachings."

Dania Ibrahim, a Johns Creek High School senior, sang an original song for this event.  The panelists spoke about encouraging peace through dialogue and drew from their religious teachings. 

Around 140 people attended the inspiring Interfaith Panel for Peace.
Soumaya Khalifa Spoke at the American Jewish Committee's Diversity Breakfast!

On November 15th, ISB Executive Director,  Soumaya Khalifa, spoke at the American Jewish Committee's Diversity Breakfast. Khalifa spoke about the Quran verse about how if God willed, he would have created us all as one, but he created us as tribes and nations so that we get to know each other.  Khalifa ended with a prayer and challenged the attendees to commit to know others. The program included a welcome, interactive table discussions and words by Rabbi Brad Levenberg and Claudia Valenzuela, Consul General of El Salvador. 

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Tariq Abdul-Haqq and Noor Abbady presented "American Muslim Beliefs and Practices" to 7th graders at Autrey Mill Middle School.