When you work in this field there’s always something to be thankful for. We here at CAWP are thankful to be living in a time when the second most powerful leader in the country is, at long last, a woman. We’re thankful that Virginia elected its first woman of color in a statewide race. We’re thankful that, here in New Jersey, voters sent three Asian American or Pacific Islander women to the legislature for the first time in history. We’re thankful for all the historic firsts that women continue to achieve in American politics…and we’re thankful that we’re on the path to a day when there will be no more firsts to achieve, no more barriers to break.

We are proud of our part in this forward progress. We continue to expand our research offerings in order to describe and provide analysis of American women’s political engagement as candidatesofficeholdersvoters, and donors, and our growing programmatic initiatives continue to show women and young people new visions for leadership and give them the tools to make that vision real. In all of this, we are grateful to you – our supporters, colleagues, collaborators, and friends – for being partners in our ongoing and ever-growing mission. Thank you and wishing you and yours a peaceful and restful Thanksgiving.