Dear MTM-CNM Family,

On this day of Thanksgiving, we wanted to express how grateful we are for all of you in our MTM-CNM Family community! What a wonderful way to celebrate this day of gratitude, with reflection and memories of the 2019 MTM-CNM Family Conference and all those that helped to make it possible.

A very special thanks goes out to Christian Hanna, who wrote a beautiful song at the 2019 MTM-CNM Family Conference during a writing session with Tracie Sandheinrich of Music Therapy St. Louis. Tracie recorded the song that afternoon, so that Christian could play it as a dedication to the Conference during our Saturday night variety show. Along with the amazing photos taken by the talented Levi Gershkowitz of Living in the Light, we hope this video will help to remember and cherish these beautiful conference memories forever and serve as a reminder that we are all here for one another in this journey.
We are so grateful for each of you- the individuals living with MTM/CNM, the families supporting our loved ones in this journey, our loved ones we have lost too soon, the medical professionals helping to promote the best care, the researchers working hard to create treatments, and our pharma industry partners working tirelessly to move treatments through the therapy development pathway into the lives of our loved ones- we appreciate all of you!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving from MTM-CNM Family Connection!
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