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Thank you to all who have served our nation. Shannon Construction would like to recognize our own Veterans.

Dave Jansen, Ray Stinnett, Rich Amberson

Shannon Services: Construction Management
Construction Management (CMA and CMR), one of the many services Shannon Construction provides, allows our clients without experience in the construction industry to relax. We take the pressures of design, budgeting, coordination, and safety and align them with the team’s goals and vision.

Shannon’s team of exceptional CM professionals recently accepted the responsibility of managing numerous Commonwealth Charter Academy Education facilities across Pennsylvania. Dedication and customer service throughout the General Contracting process with three other facilities led CCA to select Shannon to continue leading the charge. Read More>>>
Shannon Construction Company provides Construction Management as Advisor services to multiple Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) campuses across Pennsylvania. Our most recent project, CCA Erie, included a full building renovation. Our CMA services for these types of projects include... Read More>>>
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