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December 3
, 2019

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1625 W. 26th St.; Erie, PA

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P.O. Box 1126
 Erie, PA 16512

Giving Tuesday 
We are very busy as we gear up for the Pro-Life Breakfast, Erie March for Life, and March for Life Bus Trip, all coming next month, so we haven't made a big splash for "Giving Tuesday," which is today. But just as a reminder, if you are thinking about income tax and tax deductions as 2019 draws to a close, donations to the People for Life Education Fund are tax-deductible.
Donations to People for Life (without the "Education Fund") are not tax-deductible. So what's the difference? The IRS allows us greater flexibility in the way the nondeductible funds are spent, particularly when we discuss pending legislation. This means we are free use our facilities to support pro-life legislation and oppose pro-abortion and other anti-life legislation as much as necessary. 
Education and legislation are two equally important parts of our primary mission. So we welcome your support whether you choose to donate to "People for Life" or "People for Life Education Fund."  
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Are you ready for January?  
Get your March for Life Bus Seats ($55 / $5 discount until December 21).
Be a March for Life Bus Trip Sponsor and help someone march in Washington, DC.   
Business or Professional Practice? Be a Pro-Life Breakfast Sponsor / Advertiser! (Scroll down to the sponsor section.) 
Prevent Telemedicine Abortions
Please call and email your state Senator with this message:  
"Please support the House-amended version of Senate Bill 857, the telemedicine bill. I don't want telemedicine abortions to occur in Pennsylvania."
The Pennsylvania House of Representatives added a critical amendment to SB 857 that will ensure that abortion pills are not dispensed without a doctor being present. In a telemedicine abortion, the doctor only communicates with the woman through a computer screen.
The amended legislation specifies that telemedicine may not be used if federal or state statutes or regulations require the medication or health care service to be delivered or administrated in a health care clinic, physician's office, or hospital setting. This is certainly the case with RU-486, the abortion pill, which has a number of known risks associated with it. 
Note that the amendment applies to abortion pills, but not only abortion pills.
The amendment was attached by the House Insurance Committee in a near-party line vote of 14-10. State Representative Ryan Bizzarro, a member of the Health Committee, voted AGAINST the amendment.