Giving Tuesday - Gabriel and Katie Jay
With a heavy heart, we arrive at Giving Tuesday this year, and today we ask that you consider a donation to another organization. Gabriel Stauring and Katie Jay Scott ran the organization known as iACT, whose mission is to “provide humanitarian action to aid, support, and extend hope to those affected by mass atrocities.”

Gabriel and Katie Jay were killed in a four-car traffic accident in Manhattan Beach last Tuesday. We are heartbroken at the loss of these two incredible people, both because of their heroic work and their relationship with our board members, our friends, and our colleagues. 

We mourn the loss of Katie Jay and Gabriel, and we thank them for their service to the world. Please consider giving this Tuesday to their organization, iACT, or the GoFundMe page for the family. 

To learn more, see the article published this past week in the LA Times.
Help break the cycle of violence for communities affected by mass atrocities.
Support iACT’s work to identify new solutions that can be co-created, managed, and led by refugees.
Support the Family of Selfless Humanitarians