Giving Tuesday - Times Square Billboard Takeover
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 Successful!

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The Giving Tuesday Times Square Billboard Takeover on November 27, 2018 was a success. The various non profits present viewing their own displays were in awe of the AFA's because of our QR code design implementation. Because of the display duration, our billboard display design implemented the use of smart phone barcode scanners to transport viewers to a website. Our display was promoted repeatedly from 10:56am to 10:56pm that day (see below).
The American Football Association's Billboard Takeover is now a go. We have opened this opportunity up to all member teams/leagues, alumni, sponsors and all businesses nationwide.

The AFA Times Square Takeover is an opportunity to:
- See your organization (or yourself) on the most iconic billboards in the world on an important.    Position your brand amongst the world's best, for a fraction of the cost.
- Connect and engage with people you want to know about you in an impactful way.
- This placement when posted to social, digital, and public relations channels has proven to increase engagement - sales, donations, and loyalty - by over 500%!
  - Use the video or a picture of your placement on annual reports, investor, or shareholder materials.
- Display the video or picture of your placement in your office, location, or on your website to memorialize your moment in one of the most iconic advertising placements in the world.
American Football Times Square Giving Tuesday Billboard
American Football Times Square Giving Tuesday Billboard

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE - LIMITED AVAILABILITY. To book your placement, please contact us at

AFA Alumni Membership remains at $50/year.....
2018 Fourth Quarter Membership Drive Special: Sponsor 5 additional Alumni Memberships and yours is FREE!

We want to acknowledge the following 2019 alumni memberships/donations to date:
- Billy Michaels
- Joseph Loughran
- Roman Strzala
- Joe Hajducky
- Frank DeMarco
- Larry Schmidt
- Pedro Trevino
- Fred Rihbany
- Bill Callahan
- Barry Walters
- Peter O'Kane Mike "Chico" Cain

Consider supporting our 39th Annual Hall of Fame Induction Dinner at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2019 (June 20th - 21st). Just click  AFA Induction Dinner Program Solicitation .......
During our last event, a lot of you expressed an interest on how you could help the AFA organization going forward. Click on any of the following opportunities to further assist the organization:
-  Become an   Active AFA Alumni
-  Support our  Giving Campaign
-   Support our   Online Auction
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