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3- #GivingTuesday
7-Little Steps 9-11 am @ IVDSA Office
10-Blood Drive 9am-3pm @ IVDSA Office
10-Board Member Nominations Due
14- Education Program 9am-Noon @IVDSA Office
15-Winter Wonderland Holiday Party- 3-7 pm @ IVDSA Office
4- Teentastic & Club VIP Ring in the new year dance
Dear friends,
In November 2016, my son became ill with pneumonia which then turned into heart complications. My son had to undergo emergency heart surgery. This procedure required a blood transfusion. But my son was very fortunate. He wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the generous blood donors and the excellent medical care he received at CHLA.
Just this past January my son underwent another surgery that required 10 units of blood. The average adult has 9-12 units of blood. So needing 10 units is not an everyday occurrence.
Please consider donating blood this holiday season. It’s the most wonderful gift you can give. Your 10minutes can mean a whole lifetime for a child like my son.
In gratitude,
Lourdes Jovel-Acock-IVDSA secretary
There is still time to give for Giving Tuesday through the month of December! IVDSA relies on donations from the community to keep this all volunteer run association running. The mission of the Inland Valley Down Syndrome Association is to inform, connect and inspire individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and the communities in which they live, through support, education, social experiences and advocacy. Donations help us keep this mission going and keep our programs, events and workshops low cost or no cost to our members. Donations can be made anytime  online or Donations made by check should be payable to IVDSA mailed to PO BOX 962, Claremont, CA 91711. 
IVDSA Board Members Openings

IVDSA is holding its annual Board Member Elections for 2019! 
Accepting nominations 11/20/19-12/10/19

Join our team and make a difference in our community!

Please read job descriptions and nominate yourself or someone you know who would like to be part of this growing organization.
Board Job Descriptions of Available Positions

Vice President (Fundraising):    Typically, the Vice President leads the Board whenever the Chair cannot whether in meetings or in between meetings. The Vice President of fundraising is responsible for creating corporate sponsorship opportunities. They are responsible for coordinating fundraising events including our annual walk in October. They assist the President and other VP with their duties. The Vice President of fundraising works with PR to coordinate grant writing and community donations.

Treasurer:    Typically, the Treasurer serves as the financial accountability monitor, monitoring IVDSA’s financial condition, receiving and reporting on IVDSA’s annual independent audit, reviewing and reporting on IVDSA’s annual filing of IRS Form 990, and evaluating and reporting on IVDSA Board financial policies. The Treasurer is responsible for the Board section of IVDSA’s annual budget.

The Community Outreach Coordinator    The Community Outreach Coordinator is responsible for cultivating strategic partnerships through community outreach activities. This position develops relationships with businesses, individuals, the medical community and other organizations interested in supporting IVDSA’s general operations and program areas. This position interfaces regularly with the Board of Directors. 

Workshop and Activity Coordinator:    The Activity Coordinator develops and plans activities, workshops and events.

Public Relations:    The Public Relations Officer is responsible for planning, development and implementation of all of the Organization’s marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal. Oversees development and implementation of support materials and services in the area of marketing, communications and public relations. The public relations officer is responsible for maintaining and monitoring all social media activities including website. 

For more information, please contact Leann at Leann@ivdsa.org

I VDSA is also looking for Program Team Leaders!
You can be a Co-Program Team Leader

Program Team Leader:       The Program Team Leader is under supervision of the VP of Programs, provides program team leadership for a specific program, implementation, evaluation and reporting for the program. The Program Team Leader will identify, coordinate and promote opportunities for program growth. (Available for Next Steps & Club Awesome)

Nominate yourself or someone you know who would like to be part of this growing organization.

For more information, please contact Leann at Leann@ivdsa.org
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