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Giving Tuesday…
Sometimes Comes on Wednesday
There are few occasions when running on Greek time works, and we decided Giving Tuesday was probably one of them. Rather than be one of the many messages in your inbox yesterday, we opted to wait until today and hope you will take a moment to consider supporting the National Hellenic Museum.

Many people assume that because the building has been physically closed, our work has stopped. This could not be any further from the truth
We are still accessioning items

We recently acquired a silk scarf that was made by hand on the island of Samos. The scarf was hidden from the Nazi occupiers by a woman who kept it safe until she could send it to the United States where it was eventually given to her goddaughter. It is an important family heirloom that deserves to be preserved and demands its story be told. The National Hellenic Museum will do that.
We are still collecting Oral Histories

Did you know that we have the largest collection of Greek American oral histories that is digitally preserved, properly cataloged and searchable in North America? Our most recent addition is an audio interview with John Camichos, in which he describes The Orlando Plan, a relief effort that sent food to Volos, Greece in the late 1940s.

Do we have your family’s story? Over the course of the months of closure we have worked with families directly about how to gather their family history. We can show you what equipment to use (hint: you really can just use your phone) and we can offer suggestions of what to ask.
 We are still providing interactive
& online programming
Our monthly book club focused on fiction works inspired by the Hellenic legacy or by authors of Greek decent (and sometimes both!). We are connecting people from across the country (even internationally) as they debate these works. 

Have you looked at our You Tube Channel? Did you know we have a lecture series as well as children’s programming? Parenting tip-if you have a fourth grader here in Illinois-your child will study Greek Gods. Is your child remote learning? Have them watch our staff read and discuss these stories and TAKE A BREAK!
We are still working with our community

The National Hellenic Museum is proud to be the home base for the Metropolis of Chicago’s Project Hope. While we cannot open to the public, we can make sure that much needed food is safely stored and organized and given out to those in need not just during the holidays, but every month. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the problems of homelessness and food insecurity. Sharing our space is the very definition of that powerful world so boldly written on our wall in our exhibit, “The Greek Story in America”. Philoxenia. 
Friend to the stranger.
Our work continues, and we are boldly planning for a Spring opening with new exhibits, a fantastic Gala and more online offerings showcasing the amazing collections we have and the incredible work we are doing to preserve our shared legacy.  We need your support to do that. Any amount matters. 

- Kristi Athas
National Hellenic Museum

Please click the link below to give.
National Hellenic Museum
333 South Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60661

$10 Adults
$8 Seniors and Students
$7 Children 3 and up