From the Dream Team
Today is Giving Tuesday, a day when we encourage you to financially support that which you care about, are committed to, and love. Generosity is a spiritual practice and today is a good day to evaluate this practice in your life. Tree of Life encourages you to consider giving to two programs that are near and dear to us.

The first is Compassion for Campers. C4C has been providing survival essentials to our homeless unsheltered neighbors for years and is especially in need this year. While normally only active in the summer, due to the pandemic and the end of the PADS program, we are continuing our service through the winter. You can learn more about C4C here

The second is Jail Brakers. Jail Braker's mission is to provide support to families affected by incarceration. They provide gas cards and emotional support to families with loved ones in prison and housing and other support to returning citizensto break the cycle of imprisonment. Here is an example from Jail Braker's director, Cheryl Niemo "I recently received a request for help for a man who spent the past 20 yrs in prison. The man was given 85 dollars upon release and spent 70 to get to Kane Co. We are coordinating with the Elgin Police Dept to help this individual." You can learn more about Jail Brakers here

To give to either of these programs, click on this link and pick Compassion for Campers or Jail Brakers Fund. All proceeds go to these programs with no administrative overhead.

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