There is a day for giving thanks.
Several for shopping.
Today is the day for
giving back.

Your gift isn't just to the Federation,
you're giving to the entire
Jewish community.

Your generosity ensures that there are programs so our senior community members can join with peers to celebrate holidays.

It's a scholarship to ensure a Jewish child has an opportunity to spend their summer at a Jewish camp even when their family can't afford it.

It offers the friendly faces of Jewish Family Services to help navigate life's more challenging transitions.

It's a food pantry to help our community members so they don't have to decide between medicine or a meal.

When you give to the Jewish Federation, you are giving to everyone in your Jewish community, from toddlers to seniors.

Your generosity make all this possible

The Federation continues to grow and adapt to the needs of our community. Whether you wish to support our social services, our youth and adult programs, local need, or international aid, your gift goes to supporting and enriching the lives of fellow Jews.

You can designate your gift for the program that means the most to you, or give to our general budget which supports all areas of our mission. No matter how you give, you can trust that the impact will be felt in the Jewish community.