Monthly Donations with a Credit Card or ACH from Checking please use our secure online system. Our 2019 year end goal is for 100 people to make a small but meaningful monthly donation to sustain our work. Even $10 a month is awesome. (You can cancel anytime by emailing [email protected]) Click here For monthly online donations.

One-time Donation - Please use our online form, or mail us a check.
Payable to: PSR Phila
Mail to: PSR Phila PO BOX 59540 Phila, PA 19102

Donor Advised Fund* - Please recommend PSR PHILA to your fund for the donation. We received the highest Platinum Award with GuideStar since 2018, and in 2019 we celebrate our 40th year of community service. (There are many PSR Chapters in the U.S. as well as PSR National, so please be sure to specify PSR Philadelphia, because we are all separate financial entities.

Charitable IRA Rollover* - Any time through the year you can donate your required minimum distribution up to $100,000. There are tax advantages for some individuals, such as not paying income tax on the funds directly donated from your IRA to a 501c3.
  • Please instruct your financial institutions to direct funds to:
Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility
1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Attn: Dr. Walter Tsou, MD, MPH - Executive Director
EIN: 23-2153775

Also, please consider PSR for a Bequest with Planned Giving*.
*Please contact your financial advisor for details.