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Issue 28: Voices' Newsletter
Join the movement and give back!

Giving Tuesday
is a global day of generosity set to take place on 
Dec 1, 2020.
Help us continue to provide services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence. Give a gift of Love, it may save a Life!
Dear Friend:

I’m writing to ask for your help to keep our agency operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in the process of creating strategies to leverage the need for mobile services. On GivingTuesday, we are asking for your support to amplify the work of Our House, Inc.

Last week, we had to go to the hospital to advocate for a client that had been brutally raped. We were not allowed to enter the hospital to provide emotional support or to supply the victim with needed staples (clothes, hand sanitizer, masks, etc.). We waited for more than 4 hours in the parking lot for the client to come out. She was in tears and traumatized beyond the norm due to the fact that no one was with her as she went through her examinations. Providing the victim with basic necessities helped her for one day, but she will need additional help to cover the cost for court, therapy, and self-healing.

As a generous supporter, you know how important our work is to the community; we would like to grow our base of individuals who step up to fund our life-changing work.

Our mission is to lead, empower and inspire change by eliminating domestic violence and sexual violence through intervention, prevention, prosecution, victim protection and sustainable restoration in rural communities; and, to enhance the lives of survivors of interpersonal violence by providing services that meet the psychological, spiritual and cultural needs of those we serve.

Make a contribution today! Your donation may save a life!

Maxine Harris
Our House, Inc.
Board of Trustees, Board President
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