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For  #GivingTuesday  on December 3, 2019, I'm raising money for Griffin Museum of Photography and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your past giving. I've included information about Griffin Museum of Photography below.

The Griffin Museum of Photography, a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated solely to the art of photography. Through our many exhibitions, programs and lectures, we strive to encourage a broader understanding and appreciation of the visual, emotional and social impact of photographic art. 

At the Griffin Museum, you will find exhibitions from
well-known photographers to those emerging on the scene that explore important themes and thought-provoking ideas. All of our exhibitions and programs are designed to encourage the passionate exploration of the art of photography. We house three galleries in Winchester and have satellite galleries in Boston Downtown Crossing, SoWa, WinCAM and in Stoneham MA. See what we have going on at our website . Sign up for our weekly e-blast there too. Want to join me in supporting a good cause? 

For the Boomers out there; have we got a deal for you!

If you are over 70½, you can make a year-end gift to the Griffin Museum by using funds from your IRA. Your gift will count towards the required minimum distribution that you must take annually from your IRA, and you will not have to pay tax on the withdrawal. 

If you have an IRA, consider making a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA directly to the Griffin. You will not have to pay tax on the withdrawal and the Griffin will get a much appreciated donation. Sounds almost too good to be true and it is. 

I just asked Fidelity to make a direct payment to the Griffin's annual appeal from one of my IRA's. It was easy as that; one simple form. Just contact your IRA administrator, Fidelity, Vanguard, Merrill Lynch, Schwab Ameritrade, etc. and ask them to help you make charitable distribution from your IRA.

To take advantage of this, you must meet the following criteria:
You are 70½ or older
You transfer funds directly from your IRA to the Griffin
You gift does not exceed $100,000
The transfer occurs before December 31, 2019.

If you are not quite old enough to withdraw funds from a retirement account, you can still make a tax-deductible contribution to the Griffin at any time. Thank you for your support.

In gratitude for your great support over the years,

Drew Epstein
Over 70½ year old President of the Board
Griffin Musum of Photography

Our sincere gratitude to our sponsors and collaborators.