Giving USA 2018:
The Annual Report on Philanthropy
The Phoenix Philanthropy Group provides resources to our clients and communities to better understand and navigate the competitive philanthropic environment.  In this issue of our newsletter, we are pleased to share the latest trends in philanthropy, as reported in the just-released Giving USA 2018 Report. We hope you enjoy the below graphical representation of this year's report, developed in partnership with our colleague firm, The Benefactor Group. 

Overview: As has been the trend over the past four years, giving continued to reach new levels! Philanthropy, benefiting from strong economic indicators and a general increase in disposable personal income, shot past $400 billion for the first time! Giving from individuals, foundations, corporations, and bequests all saw significant increases - driving corresponding increases in giving to 8 of 9 key sectors: Religion, Education, Human Services, Foundations, Health, Public-Society Benefit, Arts and Culture, and Environment/Animals. Only giving to International Affairs saw a decline.

Key Issues: A number of key issues and trends became evident from the data.  Most exciting was that for the first time in nearly a decade, the percentage of households making their first charitable gift increased. We also saw the continued dominance of Donor Advised Funds, which grew at more than three times the rate of philanthropy overall. Online and mobile giving also continued to grow at unprecedented rates, with increases of 23% and 9%, respectively. 

Finally, one of the most key issues to watch over the next year will be the effects of the new tax law. While its full impact on giving won't be known for some time, this year's data showed the power of media reporting - with evidence that a number of donors rushed to make their gifts before the bill's implementation. 

Takeaways:   When it comes to annual giving, major gifts, or campaigns, the continued growth in philanthropy offers opportunity to organizations that are able to di versify their fundraising strategies and focus on areas of greatest potential.

Corporate philanthropy is still a small but growing slice of giving. Take advantage by looking beyond traditional philanthropy to sponsorships, cause-related marketing, volunteer engagement, and employee giving.  

Foundations are prioritizing p artnerships and solution-oriented approaches. 
Be proactive in your early stage engagement, your alliances and partnerships, and defining and measuring your sustainable impact.

Giving from high net worth individuals is up, meaning that developing your major gift program is key.  Understand and appeal to the many ways individuals may give - most notably Donor Advised Funds. 

For more information on how to optimize your fundraising performance - or to receive a 30% discount on this year's report  - please call or email Phoenix Philanthropy at 602.380.2478 or info@PhoenixPhilanthropy.com .
Giving USA 2018: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2017 is published by the Giving USA Foundation, established by The Giving Institute to advance philanthropy through research and education. The report is researched and written by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.  The Phoenix Philanthropy Group is the only full-service nonprofit/philanthropic consulting firm based in the Southwestern United States that is a member of The Giving Institute. 
As part of our commitment to nonprofits in the Southwest, we will be presenting the report to audiences in Phoenix, San Diego, Long Beach, and Las Vegas.  
For more information on The Giving Institute and the Giving USA Report, please visit  http://www.givinginstitute.org/.