Giving Vehicles to Fulfill Clients' Philanthropic Goals
A successful entrepreneur, Paul Milburn worked his entire life to fulfill his charitable passions to make a difference. Before his death in 2016, Mr. Milburn created an estate plan not only to prolong his philanthropic goals, but also to charge others to share in his mission of benevolence.

Inspired by Mr. Kirkpatrick’s matching grants, Mr. Milburn created a fund to benefit nine organizations close to his heart. Before each organization can receive Mr. Milburn's allotted distribution, however, they must raise the matching funds.

A longtime member of the Shawnee Lions Club, Mr. Milburn's matching challenge helped the Lions Meadows of Hope foster care community expand their campus with four newly constructed homes. Now, the focus has shifted to caring for the homes’ inhabitants.

“Mr. Milburn's matching fund not only allows us to provide the best environment for our foster care youth, it inspires others to do the same,” said Bryan Larison, executive director of Lions Meadows of Hope.

Do you have charitable-minded clients who want to make a difference in their community? The Oklahoma City Community Foundation can help them make an everlasting difference for organizations or causes they care for most.

Contact Joe Carter today at 405/606-2914 to discuss the variety of charitable giving vehicles we offer, and which ones would best suit your clients’ philanthropic goals. Visit to learn more, or read more about how donors like Paul are supporting local charities in our recent Charitable Organization Endowment Program Review .
Life Income Gift Strategies that Benefit Clients and Charity
Establishing a legacy and maintaining a standard of living are major concerns for individuals reaching retirement age. Many of these people seek guidance from professional advisors regarding retirement, investments, tax planning and charitable giving. With the recent tax changes, now is a great time to suggest charitable solutions like life income gifts that provide a steady source of income for the duration of the client’s life, while also providing a legacy for charity. By understanding how a life income gift benefits both the client and charity, advisors can help guide clients toward gifts that will best fulfill their philanthropic goals.
Case of the Week: Exit Strategies for Real Estate Investors
Karl Hendricks had the magic touch when it came to finding great investment properties. His passion allowed him to see the potential in real estate where others could not, and it recently led him to a bargain! A ‘fixer-upper’ commercial building was in a great area, but other buyers were deterred by the condition. Nearby buildings sold for over $2 million, but because the seller needed to sell quickly, he was asking just $1 million. Karl invested $250,000 in building renovations, and within a few months, a buyer reached out to express interest in purchasing the building for $2 million. Karl knew he could transfer the property into a FLIP CRUT to avoid short-term capital gain taxes, and it seemed like a perfect solution, but he still saw two potential downsides. What are the charitable income tax deduction rules for gifts of short-term capital gain property? If Karl moves forward with this plan, how would the FLIP CRUT payouts be taxed?
The Great Idea Challenge: Great Ideas for a Greater Community
With our 50th anniversary on the horizon, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation is excited to introduce The Great Idea Challenge , seeking innovative ideas that will impact our community throughout the next 50 years.

We will award grants of $150,000-$200,000 to support Great Ideas for a Greater Community: projects that will connect resources, plant seeds, leverage assets or launch ventures that are new to Oklahoma City and central Oklahoma. The application process will take place during 2018, with grants awarded and implemented beginning 2019.

Have you requested access to our online letter of inquiry? Email by May 1, 2018 with your great idea and begin the process of making Oklahoma City an even better place to live!

Review guidelines and eligibility at .

We can’t wait to hear everyone’s ideas!
Do you want to increase your professional knowledge and skills and better serve your clients? Do you want insight that will benefit your clients immediately? This free luncheon through the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and the Cannon Financial Institute helps you make it happen!

April 24
Developments in Trust and Estate Administration and Fiduciary Liability
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May 22
Engaging the Next Generation of Estate Planning Clients
Registration for each event will open online following the prior month's teleconference.
(Note: In May 2017, we began construction on a building addition that, once complete, will allow us to offer more public meeting space. Unfortunately, the construction will temporarily bite into some of our parking space. If you arrive to the Cannon Estate Planning Lunch & Learn and cannot find parking, the closest available garage is 123 Garage and is located directly to our west at 123 NW 10th St. The cost to use the parking garage is $5. Thank you for understanding.)  
We're Hiring!
The Oklahoma City Community Foundation is currently in search of a Charitable Organization Endowment program director. With more than 360 endowment funds for nonprofits, our Charitable Organization Endowment program is the largest of its kind in the nation. The program director plays an important role in managing this vital program that distributes more than $8 million annually to the participating charities. For more information, please review the position overview .

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume and three references with job title in the subject line to by May 7, 2018.
Joe Carter
Director, Development