"Courage is doing the work of God!"
Pope Saint John Paul II
As people around the world
donate to their favorite causes on #Giving Tuesday,
consider making a contribution to Courage International.

With your financial support,
we can continue our mission
of bringing support and hope
to men and women who experience same-sex attractions.
Highlights of 2018
  • Supported our members in about 170 Courage chapters and 90 EnCourage chapters throughout the US and in 15 other countries
  • Presented Church teaching, substantiated by Courage members' testimonies, to clergy, seminarians, and others in ministry in numerous dioceses across the US and Latin America through Clergy Study Days and the Truth & Love Conference
  • Spread the Good News of chastity to the Church and the world via conferences, films, websites, books, and social media
  • Moved to larger offices which enable chaplain visits and training

A message from our Executive Director, Fr. Philip Bochanski
"I believe that the contribution that Courage makes to the life of the Church is more important than ever."

"Our members are giving heroic witness, to the Church and to the world, about what God's grace can do in the life of someone who is willing to surrender to it and cooperate with it. "

"As important as this message is, we need your support in order to spread the Good News of chastity as widely as possible."