Giving to Black and Indigenous Liberation Every Day

Edgar Villanueva, Decolonizing Wealth

Dear Resister,

It goes without saying that the corporate holiday of Black Friday and the celebration of colonialism go against everything we believe in at Resist. What we do believe in is people power. We believe that if we invest in Black and Indigenous organizers, movement builders, healers, and reimaginers, if we use our financial resources as medicine, we can transform the world. So join us in making “Giving Tuesday” about giving to support Native American Heritage Month and Black Liberation. 

For over a half-century, Resist has been committed to funding Black and Indigenous liberation work all around the country and this year is no different. Although we believe that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, money can, in fact, be medicine when used as a tool to support self-sufficiency and liberation. Create medicine for our community, and support Resist in redistributing resources to those at the frontlines of the movements for justice and liberation.

Below are Black-led Resist grantees fighting to move us closer to a world where we can all experience more justice joy, and freedom, as well as a link to our Indigenous Giving Guide.
[ID: Six For the Gworls members pose for a picture in front of a brown backdrop.]
For the Gworls is a Black, trans-led collective that curates parties to fundraise money to help Black transgender people pay for their rent, gender-affirming surgeries, smaller co-pays for medicines/doctor’s visits, and travel assistance. 

In 2020 alone, they raised and redistributed over $300,000 to Black Trans people in need of support. In addition to their mutual aid efforts, For the Gworls also host monthly community events such as teach-ins, healing spaces, and panel discussions. Through these efforts, they hope to not only teach necessary life skills but also provide alternative spaces for their community to come together and heal.
[ID: Black mother wearing a black turtleneck and glasses holds a baby in arms.]
Black Coalition for Safe Motherhood (BCFSM) is a group of committed birth justice activists working to promote healthcare advocacy education in the Black community.

BCFSM is proud to promote the ACTT Curriculum, a powerful healthcare advocacy toolkit, which was created by Black women for Black birthing people. BCFSM uses birthing people and Moms interchangeably, and it recognizes that people of all genders may have the capacity for pregnancy and birth.

[ID: Several members of the Human Rights Coalition pose on the stairs of a governmental building holding signs that read: "We are right here. Say no on SB913".]
The Human Rights Coalition is a group of incarcerated people, formerly incarcerated people, their family members, and supporters who fight for prisoners' rights and lives in Philadelphia. It was formed to support families in coping with the stress and hardships created by having a loved one incarcerated. They also work to challenge the punitive, retributive nature of the penal system and work to transform that into a model of rehabilitation and successful reintegration into society. 

In our Indigenous People’s Giving Guide, you’ll find a directory of Indigenous-led Resist grantees who won't stop resisting and re-imagining a world until Indigenous sovereignty and collective liberation, visibility, dignity, and rights become reality.

“We are not ready to fight because we love fighting. We are ready to fight because we are worth fighting for.” ― Zoé Samudzi,
As Black As Resistance: Finding the Conditions for Liberation

Resist is a foundation that supports people's movements for justice and liberation. We redistribute resources back to frontline communities at the forefront of change while amplifying their stories of building a better world.  
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