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Curiosity and learning grow in the Garden, and you help us make it all happen. Our Education Director, Lauren (she/her) shares a sweet story of a summer camp discovery!

During drop-off one summer morning, one of the children showed me a caterpillar she was interested in. She was watching it very carefully as it crawled up a tree trunk, and I took a picture of it to help us identify the species as a Black Swallowtail.

Two weeks later, that same child returned, and she excitedly showed me that a butterfly had just emerged from its chrysalis in the SAME SPOT we had seen the caterpillar! Together, we watched this brand new creature as it walked slowly, flopping fragile, and then stretching and pumping out its wings. 

In a few hectic weeks of Summer, while we humans were running around, playing, learning, crafting, hiking, cooking, making phone calls, and sitting in meetings - this incredible animal was metamorphosing, totally still on the outside, incredibly transforming inside. We all experienced the magic of nature that day.

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Thank You For Celebrating Our New Yurt
Early this month, many supporters and friends of the Garden gathered to celebrate the yurt with special events and activities!

We were joined by the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce to mark the joyous occasion with a ribbon cutting on November 2nd.

We heard from Jennifer Tavares, President of the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce, Jodi LaPierre, Visit Ithaca's Director of Visitor Experience, and Candice Meade (she/her), Executive Director of Ithaca Children's Garden. Then, the big moment arose as program families, children, supporters, staff, and the Board stood alongside one another and cut the ribbon! 

That weekend, on November 5th, many more ICG community members attended our yurt's open house! ICG board member Brock D. Gibian (he/him) answered questions about year-around use for programs and the yurt's design elements, while our Educator, Grace (she/her) led a build-your-own mini yurt activity.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to our supporters, volunteers, contractors, and ICG Board and staff both past and present whose creativity and hard work made the yurt, and these events possible.

If you are interested in supporting the yurt, please contact Ritza (she/her) our Development Director about available opportunities at
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