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“Around the world, #GivingTuesday is a grassroots movement that illustrates the impact we can have when we all pull together. The investments we make—in both time and funding—can help solve the urgent problems of today and will make the next generation stronger. “ - President Barack Obama
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This year, the holidays may feel a bit different. We may not be going to holiday parties. We may not be attending our kids' Winter Festivals and Concerts. The one thing that has stayed strong is the GivingTuesday movement and the role that strategic philanthropy plays in ensuring we have a viable, stable, and caring social fabric. This issue explores the different ways private funders are engaging in the GivingTuesday movement.
How Can I Help?
Each year in time for GivingTuesday we post the annual charity list. This list is generated by the contributions made by Karma & Cents clients and Place2Give Foundation donors.

Additionally, a number of Karma & Cents clients and Place2Give Foundation fund holders are hosting their own GivingTuesday initiatives. Please check out some of their projects under Ways to Give. You can also join the GivingTuesday movement by supporting the programs and organizations that the Place2Give Foundation supports annually through the P2G General Fund.
In the News
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Foundation Magazine recently published a piece on what donors need to know when considering information provided by charity evaluators. This article dives into why financial metrics only tell a part of the charity's story and highlights some of the deeper things donors should consider when selecting charities for their holiday giving.

60'ish Seconds of Philanthropy
As part of the Karma & Cents GivingTuesday educational series we have two short videos for you. One features Moolalal author, and financial guru, Bruce Sellery about engaging your kids in the giving conversation and the other explores how giving over the holidays is changing during COVID.

These videos are posted on the 60'ish Seconds of Philanthropy page and you can subscribe through the Karma & Cents YouTube channel.
GivingTuesday Special Projects
#SickNotWeak is a not-for-profit organization creating a community that reduces the loneliness and hopelessness of both those who have mental health illnesses, and the people who care for them. Funds collected in support of #SickNotWeak help provide education, while supporting a community for those suffering as well as those supporting a loved one who needs help.
Twin Starfish Fund
Twin Starfish Fund
Part of the Krusky Family Legacy, the Twin Starfish Fund is hosting a virtual lecture in support of Dentistry for All, one of their recipient charities based in Latin America.
More information about the event can be found here.
Damian Family Fund
Too often men's mental and emotional health is downplayed or put on the back burner. This fund focuses on supporting programs and services that directly support men's emotional, mental and physical health. From research to front-line programming, the Damian Family Fund is connecting the dots between academia and practical supports.
Place2Give General Fund
This general fund supports organizations across Canada and in partnership with Charities Aid Foundation Canada and GIVIO for international projects.
Henry's Foundation - #UncapturedMoments, a photo campaign
The Henry’s Foundation was founded in 2019 by the Stein family and proudly supported by the Henry’s retail organization – a 4th generation family-owned company established in 1909 that focuses on the creativity of people. We work with many wonderful organizations in getting support to Canadians such as Kids Help Phone,, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH), Douglas Foundation, Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia and VGH + UBC Hospital Foundation. Unlike physical illness, mental illness is often impossible to see. The Henry’s Foundation is Putting Mental Health into Focus.

Why does everyone else’s life look perfect? We use social media to share only our best moments. The Henry’s Foundation wants to shift that narrative to show that people struggle every day and that’s ok.

How can you take part? By uploading your Uncaptured Moments to our website or by sharing your images on Instagram using the hashtag #uncapturedmoments.

By sharing your #uncapturedmoments you're helping create a community where the stigma of mental illness is no longer something to be scared of.
We want to hear what you and your families, businesses, network is doing to support your community this holiday season. Please share your stories and pictures by tagging us on social media - @KarmaAndCents and @Place2Give