August 2017


To talk much and arrive nowhere is the same as climbing a tree to catch a fish.
~Chinese Proverb

It has been several months since we've been in touch with our newsletter. We are happy to have regrouped this month to share information about our China and Taiwan Adoption Programs.  

This year is the 25th Anniversary of Gladney's China Program.  Gongzhan Wu, VP & Managing Director - Asia Programs, has seen each family arrive to China and home with their child.  He is shown above fishing earlier this month (in water) not trees.

This Saturday, August 26th, Gongzhan, Wendy Stanley and Lindsay Hatcher will all be at the One Less Orphan Fund Ice Ball in Dallas, TX! If you live locally - please consider enjoying the evening with us! 

Belated Welcome Home from the Spring !
Welcome home, Jackson family!

The Flamma family welcomes

Carrie and big sister, Sophia, welcome Noah.

In July, adoption agencies received an announcement from CCCWA regarding changes and clarifications to the China adoption program.  These changes addressed adoptive parent requirements, dossier requirements, post placement reporting and the Special Needs Adoption Program.   Through the summer we have been able to respond to these changes and communicate with families in our China program about what, if any, impact these changes will have on their adoption.

A signifiant change announced by CCCWA will be the winding down of the "designated file" system for assigning child profiles to agencies.  Until this system ends by January 1 of 2018, Gladney will continue to receive many designated files this Fall and early winter from partnership relationships we have developed in several provinces.  We are expecting the next 4 months to be a busy time for matching these children.  Many of the children were seen by Superkids volunteers and thus, we will have additional developmental screening information for most files. If you have any questions about opportunities for considering a Gladney designated file, please email

When 2018 begins, matching from the CCCWA "shared list" will be the primary mode for adoption agency workers to consider children for the families they are working with.  The "shared list" has been a component of the CCCWA Special Needs adoption program for over 8 years - and I am sure that many of you reading this newsletter were matched this way!   For more information about the recent changes, please visit the Superkids blog.             

CHINA Program Updates: 
It seems like our update for the summer is that lots of families are traveling!!

In June-August 15 families will have travelled to China to complete their adoptions.  As we began preparing this newsletter last week, 3 families were in China with their children; 2 toddler girls from Jiangxi and a school-aged boy from Shanghai.  They will all have arrived home by the end of this week. Later this month the final August family family will travel to Liaoning to bring their son home to North Carolina.  We will have a LARGE Welcome Home section in the next newsletter with pictures of families who completed their adoptions since Spring!

This summer we welcomed 12 new families into the program, several of these families came into the program to adopt a specific child.   From now through the end of the year we will be receiving many designated files from our one-to-one partnerships.  Please continue to watch the Superkids blog!

In next month's newsletter we will provide more information about how matching works off the CCCWA shared list.   

Program Update:    

Desi is one of the new waiting kids we met in April!
Whew - things are busy in the Taiwan program! We currently have 9 families who are formally matched to children and in various stages of the PAIR/dossier/court processes. We have several other families who are reviewing and considering matching to waiting children. 

Over the summer we've been working hard to advocate for the many waiting children we met during our Superkids trip to Taiwan in April. We visited with over 50 children at Cathwel and Chung Yi! We were able to meet with all of the children who are matched to our families - meaning not only could we get updated photos, we were also able to ask questions the families had for the kids caregivers and gather important information that will ease each child's transition when they come home. During our April trip, we visited with many children we've met on previous trips. We also were able to meet 22 new waiting children - 22 more children who need forever families! 

And some exciting news - we are already planning our next Superkids trip which is scheduled for November! Be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks, including a Superkids blog post requesting donations of fun things needed for the trip!

To learn more about the waiting children in Taiwan, please reach out to Taiwan Program Caseworker, Mary Chapman, at And don't forget about our private Taiwan Advocacy Group on Facebook - message Mary Chapman if you'd like to join!
Click on a photo to learn more (China)
Click  on a photo  to learn more (Taiwan)

Crossing Paths

This week, I heard a light knock on our office door - we didn't have any appointments scheduled, so I expected a visit from our building maintenance staff or a new mail carrier that didn't know they can just come on in!  But instead, when I opened the door, I saw a friendly face, that I recognized, but it took me a moment to place where I had seen her before.  Well, to be honest, I couldn't place her.  She grinned broadly and said..."It's ANGIE from Tianjin!!"   Wow! Wow!  Angie, here in NYC!

Angie was our amazing local volunteer, a Physical Therapist who joined our Superkids team inTianjin last Fall.  She was wonderful to work with.   She connected to the kids with her warm heart and sunny personality.  She was open to learning from, and collaborating with the US based medical team.  She played with the children who were waiting, twirling and talking and laughing.  And, so thoughtful - bringing special snacks for two older boys on our Day 2 visit. Remembering the boys with their snacks makes the whole team smile.
Superkids.... Who are we?  We are a group of adoption advocates with varied skill sets and a passion to help children.  We come together flexibly to rise to the challenge of learning about children in institutional care.  Why? So that each child we meet can have a chance to be loved by a family of their own.  Our passion and commitment continues month to month and year to year.  We are traveling to Taiwan in November and  are hopeful that before too long we will be packing our bags for China and crossing paths again with Angie and others.

At this time while there are no Superkids trips to China planned, we realize just how important these past trips are in helping some of the children find adoptive families this year and next year.  The photos and developmental notes collected have all been saved and organized.  Thus we can access information gathered during the Superkids trips at any time.  We know this information can make a difference in adoption opportunities for many children whose profiles are currently on the CCCWA shared list  -- and for children whose profiles will be listed in 2018 and beyond.
Upcoming Events

One Less Orphan Fund Ice Ball
Benefiting Gladney Center for Adoption

Saturday, August 26, 2017
6:00pm - 10:00pm
Dallas, TX

Ice sculptures, dinner, live and silent auction
Emce'd by Jake Pavelka and Lori Brown.  

One Less Orphan Fund was founded by Gladney China mom, Amy Clary. Every penny raised will go to help find forever families for orphans and foster children.  Please consider supporting this event, if you cannot attend! 

Limited spots available for Saturday's event - buy tickets online  HERE.  
Online bidding for the  silent auction  is open !

Fall 2017 Events:   
8/19: Austin, TX  GFA Happy Hour 
8:20: San Antonio, TX  GFA Family Kick-Off at the Witte

9/8: Houston, TX Houston Annual Dinner
9/16: Metairie, LA   Louisiana GFA Annual Kickoff Dinner
9/17: Austin, TX GFA Pizza Party Kickoff
9/23: Austin, TX Baby Care Basics training
9/24: National Capital Area GFA Kickoff
9/28:  Fort Worth, TX Baby Care Basics training
9/30:  Oklahoma GFA Kickoff Party
9/30:  Dallas, TX GFA Kickoff Party

Click  HERE  to view all GFA events


9/28-9/29:  Fort Worth, TX   Gladney Pathways training  
11/9-11/10: Fort Worth, TX  Gladney Pathways training  , China program staff Lindsay Hatcher and April Uduhiri will be attending this training to meet Asia families!