Hand arrange alphabet letters as GDP_ abbreviation of Gross Domestic Product
GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product and its actually not gross at all. It’s a measure of all of the finished goods and services produced in a country during a particular time period. The key is the goods and services have to be produced within the country’s borders. So, if you are an American living abroad and making widgets, those won’t be a part of the U.S. GDP . However, if you are making your widgets in the U.S. (well at least assembling them into the finished product in the U.S. like Apple does with the iPhone), then they would be considered part of the U.S. GDP

Wall Street nerds use GDP to measure how large a country’s economy is and how fast it’s growing. To put things into perspective, the U.S . has a GDP rate of 3.2%, (As of March 2019) but emerging market countries like China have a higher growth rate because they have a lot more room to grow. China’s growth rate is currently 6.4% (As of March 2019). 

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