December 2016
Volume 5 Issue 9
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Glancing Back and Looking Forward
While 2016 was consumed with the Democrat, Republican and even the Green Party primaries; and while the general public was glued to the political debates, media sound bites and twitter feeds, small businesses were still busy at work creating jobs, innovation and positive contributions to their local economies. And AmPac was equally busy seeking ways to better serve businesses at all stages of growth as a trusted advisor on financing their growth. 
Two-time AmPac SBA 504 borrower (left) gives Congresswoman  Judy Chu a tour of their newly renovated building.

To that end, AmPac expanded its financing programs, added new staff and created new systems to partner with businesses in their growth. 2016 was a great year for AmPac as the company accomplished the following:
  • Implemented the
    SB A refinance program to serve businesses that have commercial real estate loans or equipment loans to reduce their monthly mortgage payments and add cash back into the business for continued growth 
  • Finalized a  partnership with The Town of Apple Valley to provide businesses with a "hand up," through the Apple Seed Loan program, with loans at a minimum of $10,000
  • Launched the SBA Micro Loan program, providing loans up to $50,000 for business owners seeking working capital, becoming the SBA Santa Ana District Office's
    only SBA micro lender headquartered in the region to serve San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange Counties
  • Created greater than $43 Million of economic impact, with 360 jobs
    to be created over two years with SBA 504 financing for businesses purchasing commercial real estate and equipment
  • Equipped business leaders and celebrated the significance Connecting Faith and Business through its
    4th Annual Los Angeles and 9th Annual Inland Empire Faith Based Small Business Summit .
Orange County company shows off their SBA 504 financed building as they prepare for a second loan for improvements and equipment.

AmPac will close 2016 with a great deal of satisfaction and humility a bout  making a difference in the lives of individuals, families and communities. 

AmPac will start 2017 with an unwavering resolve to finance and foster the success of businesses at all stages of growth to promote economic development and job creation that positively impacts the region, the state and the nation. 

AmPac further resolves to serve its clients, its banking partners, and its resource providers with the highest degree of expertise and professional integrity. 

We wish you and your family overflowing blessings during this holiday season and a firm commitment to make new memories. We want to partner with you in being a difference maker to create jobs that sustain families and make communities stronger.

Merry Christmas and sincere regards, 

The Team of AmPac Tri-State CDC, Inc.

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Glancing Back and Looking Forward
Manage Your Gap and Reap the Benefits


 Current Interest Rates


20-Year Loan --- 4.59%

10-Year Loan --- 4.34% 

Refinance Loan--4.64% 


 Note: The monthly effective interest rate includes the SBA debenture note rate, monthly servicing fees, including CSA fee (0.1%), the CDC fee (0.625%) and the Borrower fee (0.938%).  

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Manage Your "Gap" and Reap the Benefits
by Eugene E. Valdez

The business coaches and consultants of the world like to use the term "KPIs" in their interaction with clients. KPI is an abbreviation for "Key Performance Indicators," which are important business numbers and ratios that entrepreneurs should track. The basic premise of KPIs is the business mantra, "what you measure, you can manage."

In my world of executive coaching, one of my favorite KPIs is what I call the "Gap". My suggestion to CEOs is to know what your gap is, why it is important and strategize ways to shorten your company's gap.

Defining the Gap

The Gap is most applicable to manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. (Service companies, professionals firms, retailers or contractors will also have gaps, but their gap calculation is slightly different due to the nature of their assets, who they sell to and how they get paid.)
The number of days it takes a business
to turn its inventory, collect its accounts receivable and when it wants to (or has to), pay its vendors, (accounts payable) are the inputs used in calculating the gap. 

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