Glen Arbor and Sleeping Bear Dunes. Heaven.
At the Inn
Flowers planted and looking beautiful. FINALLY. Geraniums and double marigolds. Petunias and purple salvia. Iris and, soon. knockout roses. Fingers crossed we have pink hydrangea, too.

Makes a statement on our corner, doesn’t it? Recent guest— a photography instructor – even brings her students to our front garden for class. What a compliment!

New Around Town
Watching progress at the Old Grist Mill east on M22. Look, a new roof. Not sure what the entrepreneurial owner plans -- and not sure he’s decided, either. But shaping up for something fun and fascinating. Can’t resist checking for updates.
Too, wonderful Sobran Studio Gallery – as in oils artisan Greg Sobran -- relocated to the former bakery down the block next to the Post Office. That spot looked so forlorn over the past few years with its neglected landscaping and solitary For Sale sign. Delighted Sobran brings life again.
Secret Places
Challenge of the Month: Where are Lost Soles located? And where is the poignant 9-11 Memorial, with its beam from the World Trade Center, found? Both tucked in Glen Arbor. Do you know where?
Caring for the Community
Last year we created the Inn’s Community Support Fund, backing initiatives that matter. This month, no contest to call out Friends of Sleeping Bear,  the dedicated volunteers who maintain the Park’s beaches and Heritage Trail. Did you read about the thoughtless folks that dumped heaps of broken green glass at Good Harbor Beach
Photo shows just some of the pieces they picked up. Received national coverage. No investigations or accusations….simply swung into action to clear the mess before someone was hurt. KUDOS AND HUGE THANKS.  
Making Things Happen for You
Guests share so many experiences in Glen Arbor, the Leelanau Peninsula and Grand Traverse. Proud that one of our guests – for the 2 nd  time -- won the Derby Day Hat Contest for the Leelanau Vintners’   Sip ‘n’ Savor Weekend. Dinosaurs, you ask? An homage to the mementoes she brings her kids after a Girl Friends’ Weekend.
We’ve long offered Wine Weekend Packages in early May and November. With our new Vintners’ partnership --and a Glen Arbor Wine Trail added -- we’ll create one for you any days spring or fall. Think “Rose All May” or “Hunt for the Reds of October”. Reception, dinners, hosted tour van, and, of course, multiple breakfasts. Attractive room specials, too. As few as six, or up to fourteen guests. Ask us. 

Moreover, offerings to book when you reserve your room make a true concierge service. Pedal and paddle. Bass fishing. Make It Romance. A new adventure in Curling. A Snack Basket waiting for you. Or, a special occasion at LaBecasse fine French Country dining.  Call us to add if you already have your room (231.334.6789). 
From the Kitchen
Can’t end without a tasty farm-to-table recipe or photo. Been asked many times for Katie’s waffle recipe… so here it is . Too, pleased that nearby 
Sweeties’ Homemade Baked Goods cinnamon rolls are now part of our breakfast repertoire. 
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