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Attention Girl Scout Troops
Registration is now open for the 2018 Glen Ellyn Girl Scout Troop Window Painting!
New this year we are will allowing troops to select their storefront windows. This is on a first come, first serve basis. Please note: One window slot per troop. If a troop registers for more than one window slot it will be removed.  
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For More Information Visit or call (630) 469-0907
Troop Painting Dates, October 10 - 26
You MUST review the following Painting Rules and share them with your fellow troop leaders and/or group supervisors prior to the event. This is a MUST, please contact the business PRIOR to beginning your painting. 
Purchase your window paints locally or purchase your window paints on-line. Paul’s Shoe Service, 486 N. Main Street, Glen Ellyn. Limited supply. Store Hours are Monday – Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 4pm. Questions? Contact Doug at 630.502.9020.
Please share these rules with ALL of your adult supervisors and scouts.
1.  Window painting date: Confirm date with Store Manager.  Do not paint until you have heard back from the store front with a confirmed date & time. Many stores have certain rules and limitations they want you to follow Choose a date to paint between Tuesday, October 10th through Friday, October 27th.

2 . If you are sharing a storefront with another troop, please divide the windows equally between the number of troops. If you have questions, call the Chamber and we will help you confirm.

3.  Adequate adult supervision is required per group.  Please be an active participant on-site, monitoring the children painting, the clean-up process and the noise level of your group. Please be very careful of any containers, planters, landscaping, signs or merchandise on display outside of the store. Be respectful to the store owners and customers inside.

4. Use only window paints, like the product distributed through Paul’s Shoe Service . Paul’s Shoes will donate 2 sticks per troop. Additional window paint sticks may be purchased. The storefronts clean their own windows and anything other than specific window paint is not allowed. 

5.  Bring your own water, towels, sponges, step stools, etc.  Please be sure to CLEAN UP COMPLETELY after painting, paying special attention to cleaning any dripped paint on caulk, grout, bricks, cement or wood. The paint comes with applicators, so brushes are not be required. For easy clean up bring plastic drop cloths & painter's tape to protect the area below the window.

6.  When painting:  Do not cover large sections of any window with solid paint - leave some space unpainted so you can see through the store. DO NOT PAINT OVER OWNER WINDOW SIGNS. Please leave room to see in the store too.
7.  Please use words and graphics that are appropriate for public and family viewing.  You are welcome to paint your group's signature & team credit into a corner of your design. 

8.  Remember to say THANK YOU merchant or store owner for allowing your group to paint!  Take a picture of the Troop and window you have decorated and email the Chamber!

If you have any questions call the Chamber office at 630-469-0907 or email

Thank you for insuring these rules are followed so we can continue this annual event!
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