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We are so proud to brag on three Glen-L boat builders that won awards at the Racine Wisconsin ACBS Boat Show last weekend! The Antique and Classic Boat Society shows are mostly old classics, but these Glen-L beauties can hold their own and are brand new! A heartfelt congratulations goes out to Roberta, Craig and Dean. Well done!
Torpedo built by Roberta Hegy
Belle Isle 23 built by Craig Watkins
Gentry built by Dean Wilson

“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible”.
-Albert Einstein

I'm behind on my Newsletters because it just seems like life has been a whirlwind since my dad (Glen) passed away in June. My heart just hasn't caught up to the fact that he's gone even though my head says it's so. And, a huge chapter of my life is very quickly closing. The house my dad designed and had built and I grew up in sold in just a couple of weeks after putting it on the market. A part of me feels lost but at the same time I look forward to what the future holds.

And, it's been busy here at the office with lots of orders going out each day. My dad always used to say, life's rough, Henrietta (my nickname). That's true but I'm grateful that my hope is in more than just the here and now.

This weekend is the Gathering of Glen-L boatbuilders in Guild, Tennessee. It's never too late to just show up so you can see and ride in some truly beautiful boats. Many arrive on Thursday, September 14, but if you just want to drop in, Saturday is a great day to do so. The event is at Hale's Bar Marina & Resort. If you have questions, see our Boatbuilder Forum.

So, that said--I've been going through stuff here at the office and came across a couple of good articles. One written by Ken Hankinson and the other by my dad.
(photo is Ken Hankinson & Glen L Witt in the mid-1960's)

In a recent “Build Your Dream Boat” email, we introduced the principle of buoyancy and how any floating object pushes aside, or displaces, an amount or volume of water that’s EXACTLY the weight of the floating body. This all-up weight of the floating body we call displacement. In the following, we’ll extend our discussion on buoyancy and how we can relate it to hull balance.

Why is this important? If you own a boat or are building a boat, it is common to want to make modifications in its layout or arrangement. In fact, such modifications are often one of the main reasons a person will choose to build his own boat; he can get it exactly the way he wants it.

Such modifications, however, often involve moving and shifting things around, such as motors, tanks, batteries, galley equipment, and other major weights that can make up a substantial portion of the boat’s weight. However, if such changes are not made with a little forethought, the hull could be thrown out of balance, causing it to go down (or “trim” as it is called) at the bow or stern. The results could not only impair performance, but might result in an unsafe craft also. Continue reading...
This combination of our 5 to 1 Poxy-Shield Epoxy combined with #1 Silica is a versatile glue because you can add silica to get your desired consistency. And, the un-thickened Poxy-Shield can be used to encapsulate your wood to protect it from the elements. Glen-L Poxy-Shield has great workability, gap filling properties and a long shelf life too. 

We have combined the two components of this excellent product at a special price just for Glen-L clients! Order yours today!
We are frequently asked if a design can be built in some other material than that noted. Any of our plans intended for planking with sheet material are designed to be a segment of a cylinder or a cone called “conendric” development. This usually means sections of the hull will be straight lines or convex. Sheet material cannot be bent into a convex section without goring or forming. Thus, theoretically plywood, aluminum and steel are interchangeable in a design based solely on the premise that the planking can be bent to shape without distortion. Obviously the construction is entirely different and details are not furnished in the plans for building in all three materials except in very limited cases.

The big problem is the wide difference in the weight of the three materials as illustrated in the table below. The practical thickness limitation for welding aluminum is usually considered 1/8” and that for steel is 10 gauge. Steel boat designs are impractical for smaller planing hulls, they will simply weigh too much when weight is a function of speed. As an example, a typical 25′ steel hull will weigh about 2000 pounds more than the aluminum counterpart. Keep reading...
This book is the complete pictorial guide for building the Glen-L Torpedo, but because of its value in detailing the cold molded construction process, we are offering it separate from the plans.

The Torpedo is a 19 foot classic mahogany runabout and the proof boat was built by Glen-L boatbuilder, Roberta Hegy. Roberta took great care to document her entire build from start to finish with many photos and detailed explanations of the process.

This book is invaluable to those wishing to build any boat designed for cold molded construction. Roberta details every step of the build and doesn't hold anything back. After building two other Glen-L boats (the Zip and Super Spartan), she knows what she's doing.
Roberta takes you through every step of building from laying out the patterns for the frames to her beautiful finish work, interior and motor installation. Order your PDF download.
 Boatbuilder Galleries
Thank you for posting photos in the Glen-L Galleries--Congratulations for pursuing your dream! Each of you has done beautiful work and should be very proud...
Click the thumbnails below to view some of the latest Builder Galleries--the latest galleries are usually at the bottom of the linked pages unless it states otherwise:
New Galleries:
(4th from top)
by Rick Katana
Sandpoint, ID
by Vince Iacozza
Updated Galleries:
by Dean Wilson
Oakdale, MN
Platinum Award Winner in Contemporary Class
ACBS Racine Woodenboat Show
It's simple to post your photos in our Gallery. See our online instructions that walk you through step-by-step how to do it:
Your Link of the Week
This week's link is to our YouTube channel and a recent video we uploaded. This video was done by Islander builder Pat Cesaro. Pat is 86 years young and he purchased the plans over 50 years ago for this 25 foot boat! It took many years to build on and off while running a business and raising a family. A couple of years after his wife passed away, his sons encouraged him to finish the boat and they helped him to complete her.

There are frequently obstacles that must be overcome while building a boat and this man is a testament to that. Persistence is the key. Plus, how may 86 year olds do you know that know how to make a video? Pretty impressive! Enjoy the video...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! And until next time... build more boats. Glen-L boats, that is!

At Your Service,

Gayle Brantuk
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