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Well, it's hard to believe that boating days are about over for many of you across the country. And that makes it a great time to start on a winter project.

For example, I just got off the phone with Kevin here in California and he's building our Eight Ball 8' sailboat. He's looking forward to sailing with his 19 year old African Grey Parrot. He ordered our bronze fastening, hardware and sail kits to make his project even simpler.

And then there's Walt who is conducting a workshop with kids and parents building 6 Stitch & Glue Sabotinas!  This is a fun little boat too and how great to be passing on this wonderful hobby to the next generation!
What will you build? Now is the time to start--don't wait until boating season and wish you would have...

Enjoy today's boat building inspiration!
Dan is keeping us current with his Goliath build and he's really moving along. He's already painting and is getting prepared for the flip! Exciting times--scroll to the bottom of his blog for the latest updates.                                                  
Read Dan's Goliath Build Blog

My dad and I often talk about how things have changed in the 97 years he’s been around. He was born in 1918 and not many people had cars or telephones, the movies were silent and radio or live theatre was the entertainment. Women didn’t work outside the home and men knew how to do just about anything.

When my father started Glen-L, a lot more people built things by hand. Mostly because they couldn’t afford it otherwise but also because they had more of an “I can do it myself” attitude. Our plans and patterns are very detailed and provide all the information to build an awesome boat. But, there was never any information included on how to wire your boat for any electronics you want to have on board. 

Read the article here.  
Boat Painting Tips
by Ken Schott

(Reprinted from the Boatbuilder Forum, August 9, 2016 – “Boat painting is a puzzle for newbies”)

I’ll post my views on spray painting, if it might help you.

Urethane paint is chemically a type of paint, a true urethane paint dries with a chemical reaction (the hardener) whereas enamel paint is air dry by evaporation of solvents. Automotive paint is just spray painting, as opposed to roller/brush painting.

“Paint system” is the type of chemical paint you choose. A “system” in automotive paint can be old school lacquer, alkyd enamel, acrylic enamel, urethane, poly-urethane, or epoxy. With any given ‘system’ you use the compatible solvents, primers, topcoats, sealers, clears, pertaining to that system.

For your boat paint ‘system’, I would choose one that is a 2-part system. That is, the paint itself, plus, an amount of hardener added to that. This is what makes it a chemically drying system. Some systems may have different names like hardener, converter, activator, etc.

Question: It’s the small things I miss, like which cleaner/thinner to use to clean the surface before painting. Read the rest

The author of this article, Ken Schott and me at the 2012 Gathering of Boatbuilders
Glen-L Design Prints - $24.99
  Need inspiration for building your boat? Want to fuel your passion with a visible reminder of your dream boat? A high-gloss print of your Glen-L dream boat is the answer! Now you can have the beautiful line drawing profile and top view of the boat you desire printed on quality high-gloss photo paper, Frame it and hang it on your wall and let the inspiration begin! Order yours today!
We've been stocking Raptor Composite fastenings and Omer tools for a couple of years now because they're a HUGE timesaver for those building our classic mahogany runabouts.

These fastenings are great for cold molding because they don't have to be removed. Then, for the final veneer, they will take a stain too.

This article is from a recent Raptor Newsletter about a shop in Connecticut that restores the classics. Very interesting read...  Read it here
Glen-L has Frame Kits and Wood Kits to build your own SUP or Surfboard. 

These can be built in your basement or a small area of your garage--space isn't an issue. The one on the left was built by RonB on the Glen-L Forum. I believe he's built a couple more since this one.

You can view the manual for building these boards from start to finish--as you can see, it's not complicated! See the manual.

The Torpedo is Back!

The Glen-L Torpedo Plans, Patterns and Kits are now available! This beautiful boat was built as a proof model by Roberta Hegy and boy, does it turn heads!

Roberta build our Zip and Super Spartan, so this lady knows what she's doing! And, since she documented her entire build on the Glen-L Forum, complete with photos a detailed building notes, we have created a Build Manual that will be emailed to you upon purchase of the plans and patterns.

This is not a project for the faint of heart, but as you can see, the results speak for themselves. Read more about the Torpedo on our site.

 Boatbuilder Galleries

Thank you for posting photos in the Glen-L Galleries--Congratulations for pursuing your dream! Each of you has done beautiful work and should be very proud...

Click the thumbnails below to view some of the latest Builder Galleries--the latest galleries are usually at the bottom of the linked pages unless it states otherwise:

(5th from top)
by Pete Woodward
(3rd from top)
by Emilio Perini
(4th from top)
by John Rolfe

It's simple to post your photos in our Gallery. See our online instructions that walk you through step-by-step how to do it:

How to Register & Add Photos & Posts
How to Add Your Own Photos
How to Add Your Own Story
Featured Products

Only $127 - The Glen-L Poxy-Shield Glue Kit contains a 1.2 Gallon Kit of Poxy-Shield and a 1 pound bag of Silica filler.

This combination of our 5 to 1 Poxy-Shield Epoxy combined with #1 Silica is THE glue of choice for Glen-L's Shop Foreman. Glen-L Poxy-Shield has great workability, gap filling properties and a long shelf life.


We feel that the main benefit of System Three SilverTip Resin is its non-blush quality. Even at low temperatures and high humidity, this resin will not blush. This means you don't have to wipe down the cured epoxy between coats which will save you time and energy better spent building your boat. There is also a longer working time with this resin, but not an extended cure time. So, you have more time to apply it properly without taking longer to complete your project.


Our fiberglass cloth incorporates a special proprietory finish for easier wet-out, high bonding adhesion, and superior peel strength using either epoxy resin or polyester resin. The 7 oz. (per square yard) cloth is ideal for maximum protection at a reasonable weight. The cloth is supple and pliant for ease of application. We buy direct from the mill and are able to pass the savings on to you. The result is the best product at a lower cost. Fiberglass forms an incredibly tough, yet resilient barrier for protection against the abrasions, bumps, and scrapes to which boats are subjected. We recommend fiberglassing the exterior of all plywood boats. Learn more


When mixed, System Three Flotation Foam undergoes a chemical reaction that produces polyurethane foam in a 2lb/ft3 density, United States Coast Guard approved for flotation. This Gallon Kit makes approximately 5 cubic feet.

Your Link of the Week
In my introduction, I mentioned "cold molding" which is a method of building boats that have compound curves that plywood can't conform to. This method is used for boats like our classic mahogany runabouts such as the Torpedo or other boats with sexy curves like our Bandido.

We have a pictorial that shows the cold molding method on our site here.

That's it for this week! Have a wonderful weekend and until next time... build more boats. Glen-L boats, that is!

At Your Service,

Gayle Brantuk