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  Two modified Cracker Box's built by Ross Ireland. Red version is the "Ritz Cracker" and obtains speeds of almost 100 mph., built in 1964 and won "Best in Show" at the Bass Lake ACBS show! The blue one is for the grandkids, the "Animal Cracker", and will do about 35-40 hp.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”   Chinese Proverb


I hope you're doing well. We're moving into the busy time here at Glen-L with many of you getting ready to build that boat of your dreams once the weather warms up. 

We've recently added a whole bunch of sail hardware like fiddle blocks, stand up blocks, cam cleats, chainplates and the like. These are items we stock for our Glen-L sail hardware kits and finally decided it was time to add the individual items to our site since we have them. Check out our hardware on our site in the Boatbuilding Supplies & Hardware section.

Glen-L has a ton of fastenings! Silicon bronze ring shank nails, bronze wood screws, carriage bolts, Finish Washers (new items!), and copper wire for Stitch & Glue construction and a bunch more. Click here to get your fastenings!

Dan Hennis has been working on his Goliath for almost a year now and many of us are enjoying following along with his build. He's made many unique changes on this design, many are somewhat experimental which makes it fun. That's the whole point of building your own boat. You get to use your own creativity. 

We've added a "Part 2" to his blog because the first one got so long. I hope you'll follow along--you can read Part 2 of his blog here (there's a link to part 1 too).
When mixed, System Three Flotation Foam undergoes a chemical reaction that produces polyurethane foam in a 2 pound cubic foot density, United States Coast Guard approved for flotation. This foam also is an excellent insulation material that is unaffected by fuel, paint, solvents, polyester and epoxy resins. One quart of mix will produce about one cubic foot of foam. Each cubic foot of foam provides about 60 pounds of buoyancy. This Gallon Kit makes approximately 5 cubic feet.
by Michael Maddox

These are some thoughts about how to soften the ride up front by changing the way the seats are mounted in the Zip and this may be helpful for other builds.

I have read some comments about the ride in the front seat being a bit rough, and I’ve taken them to heart. Over the last few years, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to ride in several Zips at the Gatherings. I’ve observed some difference in the ride among different boats, and my belief is that the way the seats are mounted makes a big difference. Keep reading...

Many of you have been waiting patiently for the Steermaster replacement cables to be available and now they're in!

These cables are only made once a year and once they're gone, they aren't available until the next year. Please order sooner rather than later so you can make sure and get on the water this year. See our site to order here.
 Boatbuilder Galleries

Thank you for posting photos in the Glen-L Galleries--Congratulations for pursuing your dream! Each of you has done beautiful work and should be very proud...

Click the thumbnails below to view some of the latest Builder Galleries--the latest galleries are usually at the bottom of the linked pages unless it states otherwise:

New Galleries:
(2nd from top)
by Rich Dufresne
Portland, OR
(2nd from top)
by Christopher Elkins
Gloucester, NC
Updated Galleries:
(3rd from top)
by Floris Hetebrij
The Netherlands
by Don Fischer
Muskegon, MI

It's simple to post your photos in our Gallery. See our online instructions that walk you through step-by-step how to do it:

How to Register & Add Photos & Posts
How to Add Your Own Photos
How to Add Your Own Story
Your Link of the Week

How fast does the Cracker Box go? Good question! We have this feedback on our site in the, you guessed it, "How Fast Does it Go?" section of our site here! Now get busy building your own Glen-L boat so you can tell us how fast it goes and we can add it to our list!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! And until next time... build more boats. Glen-L boats, that is!

At Your Service,

Gayle Brantuk

Featured Products

Only $127 - The Glen-L Poxy-Shield Glue Kit contains a 1.2 Gallon Kit of Poxy-Shield and a 1 pound bag of Silica filler.

This combination of our 5 to 1 Poxy-Shield Epoxy combined with #1 Silica is THE glue of choice for Glen-L's Shop Foreman. Glen-L Poxy-Shield has great workability, gap filling properties and a long shelf life.


We feel that the main benefit of System Three SilverTip Resin is its non-blush quality. Even at low temperatures and high humidity, this resin will not blush. This means you don't have to wipe down the cured epoxy between coats which will save you time and energy better spent building your boat. There is also a longer working time with this resin, but not an extended cure time. So, you have more time to apply it properly without taking longer to complete your project.

Our BOAT TRAILER PLANS cover the latest in axles, wheels, hubs, brakes, suspension systems, tires, couplers, welded steel frame details, hull support systems, jackstands, and more! All parts and materials specified are standard items readily available anywhere. If you can weld or know someone who can, you can save big bucks. Best of all, you'll get an all-welded steel framed boat trailer EXACTLY the way you want it to suit your boat! Plans are also suitable for existing boats if you know its size and weight. 

These composite fastenings & tools are great for your classic mahogany build or fine furniture:

  • Completely non-metal
  • No need to remove
  • Sawable, Sandable, Stainable, Planeable