Welcome to our November 2020 Monthly Update! We truly appreciate you taking the time to read our update as well as praying for the requests we share.

Seems like November snuck up on us! Just rolled the wall calendar we have over to October and then all of a sudden November was here! Maybe you had the same experience. We are thankful for this month as Shawn and I celebrate our 28th anniversary on November 28th! We thank God for the grace He gives, that is so very needed in every marriage!
From the Moody Center: Grateful for the Giver
Thanksgiving is coming on November 26 whether any of us is ready or not! But I want to exhort every Christ-follower to read the short post and prayer below and truly give thanks to the Giver of every good gift we have!

“I am so thankful that I have a joy that the world can not rob me of; I have a treasure that the world can not take from me; I have something that it is not in the power of man or devil to deprive me of, and that is the joy of the Lord.” – D.L. Moody

As the body of Christ endures our current moment of trouble, it seems an appropriate time to remember that “man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Deuteronomy 8:3). The Israelites spent 40 hard years in the wilderness depending on God for all the necessities of life to learn that walking in obedience with God matters. It is not that food, shelter, clothing, or health are trivial matters. They aren’t. God does not teach Israel to detach from the physical world or to view the creation He has made as evil. Rather, God reminds Israel that trusting in His wisdom is the means by which those who walk with God navigate the challenges of the physical world.

Even after the forty years in the wilderness, God recognizes the human tendency to focus on the gift and to forget the Giver (Deut 8:11-20). Several years ago, I wrote the following prayer to help remind me that, as D.L. Moody said, “I am so thankful that I have a joy that the world can not rob me of…a treasure that the world cannot take from me…” No matter what we face, we have God with us. Unlike those around us, we have His peace, which is beyond our understanding; His hope, which is not grounded in health or prosperity; and His joy, which is not fleeting but endures as we come to know God more deeply. Let’s pray that even in the midst of the challenging times in which we find ourselves that we will find it in ourselves to have hearts of gratitude.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving: Grateful for the Giver
Lord, as I participate in the all-too-consuming activities that require my attention today, I pray that I would not lose sight of You.

Give me this day a heart of gratitude.

Give me a heart of gratitude which looks beyond my appreciation
for things,
for comfort,
for peace,
for prosperity.

Give me a heart of gratitude which is ever and always
thankful for the Giver
thankful for the One who has provided
thankful for the One who, unlike His gifts, will never fade away.

Give me a heart of gratitude which refuses
to surrender to frivolous complaint,
to seek more than you have given,
to succumb to the annoyances and frustrations of this world.

Give me a heart of gratitude which is so filled with thanksgiving that worry and concern have no room.

Give me a heart of gratitude which remembers you as the present Giver who is my refuge and my portion.

Give me a heart of gratitude which cries out thanksgiving and praise even in the midst of anguish, pain, and frustration.

Give me a heart of gratitude which is capable of love, hope, and peace despite the tensions, hurts, and foolishness of this world.

Give me a heart of gratitude which is ever and always Yours. Amen.


I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart;
I will recount all of Your wonderful deeds.
I will be glad and exult in You;
  I will sing praise to Your Name, O Most High.

Psalm 9:1-2
How Can We Pray for You?

We would love to know how we can pray for you, your spouse, or your kids/grandkids this month. It's as easy as clicking on the link below and filling out a simple form. Thanks for taking a minute to do that!

You Can Help Us in Two Ways!

Our mission at Marriage Revolution has been and always will be to never let money stand in the way of a couple getting the help they need. We are ONLY able to do that because of the financial gifts of our Ministry Partner Team!

One of the realities of raising support is that folks come on and go off our Ministry Partner Team. It has been this way for the 18+ years we have been support-raising. So we are always looking to discover new partners the Lord has for us. We look to close out 2020 still needing to grow our total monthly support. So we are asking for two possible ways you can help us:

1) WILL YOU JOIN OUR TEAM: You may have given to help us in the past, or you may have never previously given us a financial gift. Either way, we would like to challenge you to ask God if He would have you join our team now, so that your donations will allow us to continue fulfilling our call to bring God's help and hope to couples in Central Arkansas. Please feel no pressure to give, just respond as God directs you!

2) TELL A FRIEND: A second way you can help is by sharing our Ministry with a close friend of yours. You can share something like, "We have a couple we know that serves with Marriage Revolution in Arkansas. We believe helping others have a Christ-centered marriage is critically important. I would like to ask you to consider contacting them and also consider being a part of their Ministry Partner Team." After sharing this, you can either print and hand them the summary sheet linked below, or just share the link with them. Please don't "say No for them" before you ask. Just share this opportunity with 2-3 folks you know, and leave the results to God. We believe God will use you "telling a friend or two" to help us grow our Ministry Partner Team!!

If you have questions on any of this, please contact us using our contact info at the bottom of this page

  • FOR OUR COUNTRY: With all the division in our country, we would love for you to begin or continue praying for the Lord to bring revival, first in His Church, and then in a broader way in our country. This is the only real way to bring real change to the tensions we all feel in this great country in which we live!

  • GIVING THANKS: We are so thankful, as a ministry, to share that October 2020 was our best month ever for helping couples. Between our four offices in Texas and Arkansas, we completed a total of just over 350 sessions. Thankful for the couples the Lord is bringing and the transformation He desires in each one!

  • SPIRIT-LED, CHRIST-CENTERED COUNSELING: The DNA of our ministry and each of our staff is to give Chrst-centered and Spirit-led counsel to every couple and individual coming. Please pray that each counselor would truly be dependent on the Spirit in each session. And pray that everything we do and say would continually point to Christ, our Savior!

  • OUR FAMILY IN 2020: Our focus as a family in 2020 is on humility and gratitude. Please pray that all of us would grow in our humility and gratitude in 2020 and those Christ-like qualities would flow into every relationship and every circumstance we encounter in 2020. 

  • FIRST LOVE: We would never lose our "first love" for Jesus Christ and the pursuit of an active and growing relationship with Him. And that after Him, our priorities would be: Marriage second, Family third, and Ministry activities and everything else after that.

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