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16 May 2020

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GCA Board of Directors
GCA Board Virtual Meetings in May
The GCA Board of Directors is holding the May Board meeting via GoToMeeting on 21 May from 7 PM to 9 PM. By joining the "virtual" meeting you can listen to the proceedings from start to finish. If the Board schedules an executive session, the general meeting will end and the Board will meet separately to discuss contract and/or legal issues. The agenda and Board packet will be published on the Glenmore website ahead of the meetings and the minutes of the meetings will also be posted.

If you would like to participate in the Board meeting, please contact Tim Durrer at 434-984-0700 or click here to obtain information regarding the GoToMeeting link.
Virginia General Assembly 
Relaxes Board Meeting Rules
The Virginia General Assembly passed emergency legislation that allows directors of common interest community associations (the GCA) to meet virtually without requiring physical assembly. In order to convene virtual meetings, we must satisfy requirements concerning notice, member access and meeting minutes. A complete explanation of the legislation is available here . For the VA State Homepage, click here .
Equestrian Center Update
After two weeks at our Equestrian Center, Abbie Wright, our new renter, has had a great start. By the end of May she will have filled 18 stalls, and she has space for just two more horses. Several residents are boarding horses with Abbie.

Children’s riding lessons are already full through June, and adult riding lessons will be offered starting in June.

Abbie is planning a series of volunteer orientation days to qualify residents to volunteer under her supervision. One orientation is planned for volunteers who would like to groom the ponies.  If you want to participate, look for Abbie’s posts on NextDoor, or you can reach her at 561-216-9392. Abbie also hired Glenmore resident Hanley Hauser to help with EC chores for the summer.

Abbie is well on her way toward her goal of establishing a vibrant community barn at our Equestrian Center, and she says she loves being at Glenmore. Welcome Abbie Wright!
Horse Rider
The Golf Course is Private Property
Please be aware that the golf course is owned by the Club at Glenmore and is private property. The golf course and cart paths are for golfers only. Please do not walk or ride on the golf course or the cart paths. 
Observing Social Distancing in Glenmore
We have received some complaints from residents regarding social distancing while out walking. We have some walking paths that are rather tight (e.g., the Glen Lochen bridge), and when people stop in these areas, it forces walkers to walk inside the six foot safety zone. Please be aware that you may be causing some traffic issues when walking or stopping in restricted areas. Thanks for being safety minded during these strange times.
What is the largest GCA Budget Item in 2020?
Here are your choices:
  1. Attorney and Professional Services
  2. The Turf Maintenance Contract
  3. The Gatehouse Guard Contract
  4. Road Repairs
For the answer, see the GCA 2020 budget by clicking here.
Very Expensive Trash Bins
We received a complaint about a full pet waste station, and called our contractor to empty the bin. They found a bin full of newspapers and beer bottles. Aside from the fact that our pet waste stations are not intended for trash, the cost to empty the waste stations is significantly higher than the cost to empty standard trash containers.

That means every resident in our community is paying a premium for the extra cost to remove standard trash from the poop stations. Last year the cost for the pet waste stations was $5,056. That's roughly the amount paid by five residents' annual assessments. Help us keep unnecessary costs down. Only use the pet waste stations for their intended use.
Landscaping Modifications? Contact the ARC
With the warm weather upon us, many are considering changes to our landscaping such as replacing old and damaged shrubs or removing damaged or diseased trees. The Glenmore Architectural and Landscape Guidelines require the Owner to seek approval for:
●     Modifications or additions to an existing home (including exterior colors)
●    Construction of secondary structures
●    Landscaping, landscape changes, tree removals
●    Fences, Pools, Basketball goals, swing sets or play equipment
●    Driveway and parking areas
●    Terraces, Garden walls, Retaining walls
●     Awnings, Exterior lighting, Satellite Dishes
●     Lot drainage changes

The approval request form and an explanation of the process is found  here . The Architectural Review Committee will process your application as quickly as possible. Last year we processed 148 applications and all but 2 were approved. The Committee very much appreciates your cooperation in following the Guidelines designed to maintain the beauty of our community.
The Architectural Review Committee
GCA Finances Update
The GCA invests our reserve funds in Certificates of Deposit. We use CDs, because the funds are insured by the FDIC as required by the VA Property Owners' Association Ac t § 55.1-1827.

We purchase the funds in increments less than $250,000 and ladder the purchases so that they mature at different times. We have four CD accounts (1356, 1359, 1360, and 1380) that are maturing in 2020. (See the March GCA Balance Sheet by clicking here .)

Account #1359 (valued at $100,000) was earning 2.4% interest, and matured on 8 May. When we reinvested the funds, the new CD rate (driven by the economic downturn) is 0.25%. That means, instead of earning $2400 annually, we will earn $250 on this account. On the advice of our Morgan Stanley account manager, we purchased a 6 month CD. The assumption is that the rates will climb again later in the year, so we can reinvest the funds at a higher rate. The same will likely be true for the remaining CDs that mature this year (7/6; 7/20, and 11/9).

The Treasurer
Rules for Visiting the Equestrian Center
Please be advised that the Equestrian Center is now a working farm with large horses and farm equipment. Visitors are welcome, but must first stop by the barn and meet with our tenant. Please visit between 2 PM and 4 PM.

Equestrian Center Safety Rules
  • Horses are unpredictable; treat them with caution at all times.
  • Do not climb the fences or go into the paddocks.
  • Do not feed or pet the horses.
  • No dogs, joggers, or strollers are allowed near the barn or pastures.
  • No bikes or golf carts are allowed near the barn or pastures.
  • The nature trails around the outside perimeter of the EC are available for residents’ walking (see below). Some trails are also used by riders. If you encounter a horse and rider, stand aside until the horse passes.
Glenmore Farm Nature Trails - UPDATE
After announcing the re-opening of the Glenmore Farm perimeter trails we are observing residents who have wandered through the fenced horse fields and paddock passages to the horse barn. Trails around the Glenmore Farm are entirely outside of fenced fields and paddocks .

Please refer to the Glenmore Farm trails map on page 6 by clicking here . There are two primary loop trails shown. The only entry point to the farm trails begins on Glenmore Way approx 100 yards from VA 250. Limited parking is available on the shoulder of Glenmore Way.

See the Map ... for the Upper Fields Trail (in red). The trail follows the outside of the fence line. In 0.2 mile the trail swings sharply to the right remaining outside the fence and then swings sharply left and uphill outside the fence. The trail passes the upper riding ring and then to the Manor House access road. The access road is GCA-owned with an access easement for the Manor House owner and guests. Follow the access road back to Glenmore Way. DO NOT enter the Manor House property or the riding ring area.

See the Map ... for the Perimeter Trail (in blue). At the 0.2 mile junction of the Upper Fields Trail, the Perimeter Trail swings sharply right still following the outside of the fences. At approx 0.3 miles the trail enters a wooded area. The trail now follows the outside of the Manor House property. At approx 0.5 mile the trail turns sharply left to follow the Manor House rear boundary. From this location a short spur (in green) leads to Camp Branch (the creek) where Glenmore property ends. DO NOT cross Camp Branch creek onto private properties. The trail continues until it joins the Manor House access road extension again following the Manor House boundary and returning to the access road and Glenmore Way. DO NOT enter the horse field or riding ring. The trails CANNOT be accessed from the horse barn and the barn CANNOT be accessed from the Perimeter Trail.

Trails can be used by hikers, walkers, mountain bikes and horses. No golf carts or motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails. Please note there are some paths that appear to be trails but are primarily sewer easements on private properties. Please stay on the trails shown on the map.

The CARB plans to add trail signage throughout the GCA trail network in 2020. Unfortunately the pandemic has impacted our execution of the plan. Please be patient while we continue to improve the trails and signage. To contact the CARB, click here .
Looking for Stuff to Do Outdoors?
While social distancing prevents us from playing organized sports, there are still some outdoor activities that a family unit can engage in at the Glenmore sports field. Plenty of room to run around, kick a soccer ball, shoot some hoops, play horseshoes and bocce. We have equipment at the Sports Field. If you want to use the equipment, contact Thelma Washington at 434-984-0700.

NOTE: Please limit the activities to family units, and observe all social distancing rules.
Breezy Hill Rezoning Application Update
The Breezy Hill developers have re-submitted their request for approval for 160 homes. That number violates the Master Plan regarding lower density in Breezy Hill. County Staff has recommended 65 units.  The developers justify their request for increased density by pointing out that the original number of housing units approved for Rivanna Village was reduced. However, the "Village of Rivanna Master Plan" calls for no more development approvals until Rte 250 East is improved. The plan states: “It is essential that all of the US 250 improvements be constructed before new development occurs in the Village."  

A hearing before the Planning Commission was scheduled for May 5, 2020, but has been postponed. To track the Albemarle County planning documents for Breezy Hill, click here .
House Under Construction
School's Out, Children are Biking
The Glenmore speed limit is 25 MPH. With schools closed, more children are out walking and biking. The Glenmore community is in full control of the safety of our roads, it just requires that we all slow down. 

Please remember only licensed drivers can operate motor vehicles (including golf carts) on Glenmore roads. 
How can I Find Who to Contact at the GCA?
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. In fact, to find contact information for the GCA and our Committees, go to the web page, then click on "Contact Us" at the bottom left of the page. You'll find email and phone info for everyone you might need to contact .

Just have some general questions? Email Thelma Washington (Associa) by clicking Here.
Watch These Dates
May 21: GCA Board Meeting 7-9 PM (Virtual via GoToMeeting)
May 25: Memorial Day (click here )
June 18: GCA Board Meeting (TBD)
June 20: Summer Solstice at 5:43 PM (click here )
July 4: Independence Day (Click here )
July 16: GCA Board Meeting (TBD)