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Reading Promotes Language Development
Parents of Brain-Injured Children Come to the Institutes to Find Answers
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How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence Course

Mexico City, Mexico
6 November 2010 Cartagena, Colombia
4 December 2010
Philadelphia, USA
20 March 2011

For more info, contact:
Gwenne Sulby

For the Italy course, contact: Graziana Ceccanti

For Spanish courses, contact:
Elisa Guerra
What To Do About Your Brain-Injured
Child Course

Philadelphia, USA
29 November 2010
Madrid, Spain
31 January 2011
Kobe, Japan
31 January 2011

Aguascalientes, Mexico
23 May 2011
25 July 2011

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For more info, contact:
Harriet Pinsker

For the course in Mexico, contact:
Elisa Rodriguez

For the course in Spain, contact:
Graziana Ceccanti

For the Japanese course,
Mitsue Noguchi
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"It is so wonderful. It is like entering into an amazing planet full of professional mothers. I lost myself there. It is the best."
- Christina, mom from New York

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The Gentle Revolutionary

November 2010 Volume 19
"In order to move properly a child

must be on his belly, not his back."

Early Reading Promotes Early Language Development
When How To Teach Your Baby To Read by Glenn Doman was published in 1963, it introduced the bold concept that tiny children can not only learn to read, but in fact love to do so.
Reading, by definition, is the ability to recognize and understand written language, an ability that thousands of mothers have given their babies by using this book. To their surprise, they have simultaneously taught their babies to understand spoken language more quickly and easily.

Glenn video

It barely needs to be mentioned that babies learn English (or whatever their native tongue) by constant immersion in the speaking environment of that language. In time, words and phrases become familiar and are understood if they have been repeated often enough and loudly enough in meaningful situations.
Daily conversation is a haphazard method of teaching language, but it does work eventually through sheer repetition. A baby's vocabulary grows simply through exposure to his language.
Mothers who teach their babies to read, however, greatly improve upon the random and disorganized way in which language is acquired. Reading words must be presented loudly and clearly to insure that they arrive in the brain for storage. The message is reinforced when it goes simultaneously down two pathways - the visual and the auditory pathways.
When Mother carries out an organized reading program, reading words are presented two or three times on the same day for four or five days consecutively, therefore language is no longer random and left to chance. And because the brain is such a highly organized organ, this orderly approach allows language to be learned with great speed and efficiency.

The What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course

29 November 2010

Contact Harriet Pinsker at

Parents Come To The
Institutes to Find Answers
The Institutes prepares to welcome new families to the "What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child" course starting on the 29th of November

At the end of November, parents from Cyprus, Jordan, Panama, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Swaziland, Ukriane and the United States will arrive at The Institutes to learn (perhaps for the first time) that there is hope for their hurt children.
Parents will learn that injuries to the brain can be treated effectively. They will discover what brain injury really means and why hurt children are called by so many different and confusing labels, such as cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, and attention deficit disorder (a few of the hundreds of terms that may be used as a diagnosis).
Parents will understand how the brain really works. They will learn how to evaluate their own child and understand the nature of their child's problem. Parents are taught how to design and effective treatment program that can be done at home. This is a comprehensive program that includes a dynamic physical program, an intellectual program that is enjoyable and effective, and a physiological program to insure good health.

Many parents enroll in the course so that their child can join the Intensive Treatment Program in the future. Completing the course is the first step for parents who want to bring their child to The Institutes for evaluation, diagnosis, and programming.
The entire
staff of The Institutes will teach the parents and answer their questions. Mothers, fathers, and children from The Intensive Treatment Program will also be present to demonstrate various aspects of the physical, intellectual, and physiological program.
The instruction given during this very intensive week represents more than six decades of search and discovery on the part of The Institutes. It is very often a life-changing experience for those who attend. For the staff, it is a chance to help a new group of hurt children get the program they need to start on the pathway to wellness.
Parents who would like more information about the November course in Philadelphia should contact Harriet Pinsker as soon as possible.
Tel: (215) 233-2050
Fax. (215) 233-9646
Toll free: 1-800-736-4663

For information about the courses scheduled in Europe, please contact:
Graziana Ceccanti

For information about the course scheduled in Japan, please contact:
Futami Kitagama

For information about the courses scheduled in Mexico, please contact:
Elisa Guerra de Rodriquez
Tel: (52)(449) 996-0945
Fax: (52)(449) 996-0944

For information about the course scheduled in Singapore, please contact:
Harriet Pinsker