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It is National POPCORN DAY--a day that most people either do not recognize,or honor, which is a travesty as it was (perhaps) one of the main courses at the first Thanksgiving. So you should celebrate today with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine--the question may be which wine compliments popcorn--something more to contemplate---you take a moment to sit back, relax, pour a glass of Glenora's finest  and enjoy this week's edition.  Hint--Pinot Blanc or Cayuga







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Vol. 19 No. 1-14
National POPCORN Day
19 January 2014

The Glenora Gazette

                                                               Est. 13 April 1994



          It seems to be a "typical" (is there any such thing when it comes to the weather) January morning along the shores of Seneca and in the vineyard of Glenora. It is still dark, but it is getting lighter earlier each morning as the sun marches north. Our temperature is 20 degrees, but feels like 10 as the wind is coming from the south at 5 miles per hour. The sky is cloudy and a flake or two of snow can be seen at times-winter in Wine Country.

            In the vineyards: Not much different to report this week than last week. Pruning continues as does bud evaluation. At this point it seems that the bud damage (or reporting on the same) is of more interest to the press and bloggers than it is to the vineyardists. Perhaps it is a "if there is no news, perhaps we can create something". We did receive our Finger Lakes Vineyard Update, sent to us by the Cornell University Cooperative Extension Grape Program earlier this week, in which there was a good deal of information on the possible effects of the "Polar Vortex" on Finger Lakes Vineyards. Long story, somewhat short, it is too early to really access damage, if significant, and there still is a lot of winter left. The best thing for growers to do, perhaps other than pray, is to keep check the buds in each vineyard before pruning and make adjustments if necessary.

            Lots of "On the Road" activity this past week: Our in-store tastings are once again taking place-this week in Elmira and Williamsville. As well, the outside events teams are back in action as they were at the CMOG (Corning Museum of Glass) on Thursday evening, pouring Knapp's, Glenora's and Chateau's finest, taking part in CMOG's monthly 2300 degrees (the temperature at which glass melts) event titled "Drink it All In". Backing up to Tuesday, Production Manager Tracey and the editor attended a presentation by the University of Rochester and others which focused on energy and sustainability among other things. Sustainability currently is a hot topic or a buzz word at this point-now what we need is a clear definition of the same as it applies to wineries and vineyards.  On Wednesday the editor who is a member of the Seneca County Advisory Committee on Tourism heard a very interesting presentation by the Wilmorite Group (the Wilmont family) with regards to a gaming resort that they are proposing which would be located in Seneca County (about 20 miles north of Knapp)-it is a $350,000,000 project. And on Friday and Saturday, Jim and Cathy represented Glenora at the Albany Chef's Wine and Food Festival which was held at the Albany Hilton

            Meanwhile back at Glenora: The Five Rivers Boy Scout Council held a retreat on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. While we expected to see tents and campfires, the retreat took place at the restaurant and Inn-no s'mores! On Thursday evening Tom Phillips who is the Superintendent of Schools for the Watkins Glen School system traded in his chalk and ruler for a chef's apron as he was the celebrity guest chef at Pasta Night raising funds for "The Spirit of Schuyler". And this is Pasta and Wine Weekend along the Seneca Lake Wine trail, at least for those wineries who have the vision to be trail members. The event is another one of those sold out events with 600 tickets being sold-in addition to each ticket holder getting samples of pasta and wine at each winery they also received a Seneca Lake Wine Trail colander as a "special gift"-great for pasta and nerf-ball Ping-Pong!

            The e-mails were flying on along the Cayuga Wine Trail on Friday afternoon and evening after trail members received an e-mail from "Cayuga Cathy" who has been the executive director of the trail for the past 13 years. In the e-mail Cathy stated that due to upcoming back surgery she was stepping down as executive director-a surprise and shock to the trail member wineries. As the wine trail's office is located at Knapp she is considered to be a member of the Knapp family/team. We wish her the best, and perhaps a reconsideration of her decision to leave.

            Last evening Chef John and his Team presented their monthly wine dinner. This month's was titled "Comfort Food Wine Dinner". While the entrees sounded a bit simple-Chicken Pot Pie, Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Meat Loaf, Chocolate Brownie and Hot Chocolate, the presentations and tastes were far from simple-it was a comforting and yet complex meal. Thanks to John and his team for a great meal and the creativity. You should plan to attend-usually the 3rd Saturday of each month.

            Thought for the Week:                                                A Friend

Thank you for being you who are, even when I wasn't who I should have been--As one man said to his friend.






This Week's Pictures:   
Saturday Morning 1-18-14  Note the caption on the picture
Riesling bud--primary bud (on the right) is dead-black color. Secondary bud (on the
left) is alive-green



Part of the 2014 Glenora Pasta and Wine Team


 The Wine Trail Colander--a keepsake!!


Which was is the wind blowing?



 Front Entrance -- shoveled twice






The wine bottle tree



 A walk in the woods




 Sunset -- Peter Island BVI



 Back to reality