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February 26th
11:30 a.m.
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Please enter the parking structure on Park Terrace Drive. The entrance to the building is through the courtyard located on the street level.
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Since 2017, IVCLA's Global Awareness Luncheons have addressed the disturbing decline of the role of facts and analysis in societies around the world. This year's luncheon will continue the discussion as we explore the erosion of confidence in our private and public institutions and what can be done to rebuild trust.

Institutional trust, which is critically important in a civil society, is disintegrating at an alarming rate due to the denial of facts and the decline of critical analysis. From finance and education to health care and government, people are losing faith in vital institutions. New technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence are playing important roles in replacing the potential for human error and corruption with accountability. But can technology be a replacement for humans in institutional relationships? Join us for an intriguing panel discussion about the new rules of trust in the digital age and how we can be proactive global citizens in the process . Speakers to be announced.
Panel Moderator Dr. Lene Martin
Dr. Martin teaches blockchain business applications and analytics at the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School and is the founder and director of the "Blockchain at Pepperdine" program. She has been an advocate for digital start-ups, and a leader in innovative solutions for blockchain, cybersecurity, and communications at organizations such as Lockheed Martin Corp. and Amgen Inc. She is an author and speaker with a focus on global economic and social strategies for women in leadership, corporate social responsibility, and emerging technologies. She holds M.A. degrees in Communications and Women's Studies, a doctorate in Organizational Leadership, a Ph.D. candidacy in Pepperdine's Global Leadership and Change program, and has received a Pepperdine University Waves of Innovation grant award.

IVCLA is also honored to introduce the 2020 newly elected directors of the IVCLA board at the Global Awareness Luncheon. Please help us welcome them in their new roles! 

Norman Arikawa - Assistant Director of Trade, Port of L.A.
Selma Holo - Executive Director, USC Museums
Lene Martin - Founder & Director, Blockchain at Pepperdine
Gregory C. Scott - CEO, Community Action Partnership, O.C.
Jacki Ueng - Vice President of Business Development, Ticor Title 

Members: $45.00

Non-Members: $55.00

Seating is limited and prior registration is required to attend. 

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