New Reports Explore Global Digital Learning
Digital learning can extend the benefits of
global experience to more students, and at a younger age, than ever before. Two new companion reports from Global Cities, Inc. explore the purpose and practice of international digital exchange, which can help schools bring digital literacy and global competency skills to life and build peer connections among students around the world.
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"When we give students positive experiences with students from other countries, we not only enhance their educational journeys, we lay the foundation for a more peaceful world."
Michael R. Bloomberg
108th Mayor of the City of New York,
at the 2016 Global Cities Symposium  
Expanding the Classroom
School districts pioneering international digital exchanges offer front-line advice to help other educators and civic leaders:
  • define the value of global digital exchanges
  • explore their impact on student learning
  • use these programs to support broader curriculum goals
  • understand the role of leadership in ensuring success
  • implement global digital exchanges successfully.
Asking the Right Questions
Global education products and services come in many forms, including peer-to-peer exchanges. To help school leaders find an exchange model that fits school priorities, Global Cities Founder and President Marjorie B. Tiven offers a Top Ten countdown of key questions, including: 
  • Who is being connected?
  • What are the costs?
  • What technology is needed?
  • How much time is required?
  • How does the exchange work?
The reports draw on expert testimony from the 2016 Global Cities Symposium on the Future of International Digital Learning. Participants included mayors, superintendents, chief academic officers and other education leaders from 20 of the largest U.S. school districts as well as Barcelona, London and Warsaw, and directors of four global digital exchanges: Global Scholars (operated by Global Cities, Inc.), Kizuna Across Cultures, Out of Eden Learn and Reach the World.

Our e-Classroom is Growing

Global Scholars Participants
More than 10,500 students ages 10-13
in 47 cities, 26 countries, on five continents

Welcoming New Cities 
Abu Dhabi, Beijing (pictured), Buffalo, Chengdu, Gothenburg, Houston, Manila, Oakland, Providence, St. Louis, Singapore and Tokyo

Global Scholars is the signature program of Global Cities, Inc., a program of Bloomberg Philanthropies. There are no fees to schools for participation in Global Scholars. 

How to participate. Space is available for urban public school districts. If you are a district leader interested in finding out more, please email 

Global Scholars Decode the Digital Age
Students ages 10-13 open apps and gadgets with ease, but they may not realize how thoroughly computers shape daily life, work and communication. The Global Scholars 2016-17 curriculum, "Digital Cities Connect!," invites students to  examine the new choices, opportunities and challenges technology presents.

Classes are halfway through the September-June curriculum. Educators report that students are especially excited to take on the role of inventors, using 3D design software and ideas from international peers to imagine new products for their schools. See students introduce themselves and their cities in their introductory videos below. 
In Their Own Words: What is a Global Scholar?
Students showed off their cities, schools and tech skills in their first Global Scholars assignment.
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Students in Taipei, Taiwan showcased "YouBike" and other digitally-inspired innovations in their city. For Unit 1 of the five-part curriculum, all Global Scholars classes created videos answering the question "What is a Global Scholar?" and shared them with peers worldwide via the e-classroom.
Students in Moscow led viewers on a tour through their favorite classrooms in their Unit 1 video—and welcomed the year's first snowfall. Looking ahead, all students will consider a Digital Age issue such as e-waste disposal in their Community Action Projects, the culminating assignment of the Global Scholars year.   

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