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Join us for United Nations Day!
Giving the Next Generation the Tools They Need

In addition to the honor of serving on the Board of the UNA Westchester Chapter, I have the good fortune of service and advisement to other organizations, as well. One of those organizations, Safe Water Network, was founded 15 years ago this year by actor and philanthropist, Paul Newman, and former US Deputy Secretary of State, Goldman Sachs Co-chair, and civic leader, John Whitehead. Their goal was to get safe water to communities most in need by using the power of enterprise. Today, Safe Water Network has proudly impacted 1.5 million people in hundreds of communities across India and Ghana, in strong support of Sustainable Development Goal 6. Safe water is obviously a critical need for a thriving community, and one of the people who understands that is the former Chair and CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi. During my service as PepsiCo’s Corporate Water Steward, I got to know just how impassioned and authentic Ms. Nooyi is, and how dedicated she is not only to safe water, but to social good more broadly, including inspiring and empowering the next generation of leaders. These two things came together this past World Water Day, where Ms. Nooyi generously provided opening remarks to young leaders at a Virtual Youth Convening hosted by Safe Water Network. The session, about Water and Climate Change: Risk and Resilience, had nearly 1,000 registrations from 50 countries, and participants were eager to hear the advice that Ms. Nooyi would give, as well as the wisdom shared by other engaging participants. The event was recorded, and Ms. Nooyi’s remarks occur in the first 30 minutes. I urge everyone to take the time to listen, as the advice is relevant for everyone, but most especially for youth who are grappling with how to become the change they want to see toward the future we want!
Paul Presendieu:
Global Goals Ambassador, SDG #13, Climate Action
This year I was honored to be appointed as the United Nations Foundation’s and United Nations Association (UNA-USA)’s Ambassador for Sustainable Development Goal 13 – Climate Action. While the experience has empowered my resolve to support the mitigation of our climate emergency, it has also expanded my awareness of the needed expansion of our team of environmentalists to advocate for needed systematic reform. On October 22nd I will be speaking before the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Association of Conservation Commissions to call upon municipal environmental advisory boards to engage in the recruitment of young members within their communities to support intergenerational advocacy, especially high school students taking advanced placement courses in environmental sciences.

Membership eligibility within UNA-USA begins at age 12, thus providing middle school students with an opportunity to support United Nations programming and to connect with our international community. As we approach Westchester Chapter’s United Nations Day, I would like to encourage each and every one of you to support the recruitment of our youth to join UNA-Westchester’s Young Professionals Program. I would be honored to connect them to my fellow Global Ambassadors (found here:, or support their membership within the United Nations Environment Programme’s Major Group on Children and Youth ( to join an international team of young people dedicated to the protection of our natural resources across national borders.
Greta Thunberg questions world leaders' climate talks:
"30 years of blah, blah, blah"
Arguably, very cool ...

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity unveils new plan to "preserve and protect nature"

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Secretariat in Montreal, released a new Global Framework for Managing Nature Through 2030; an evolving plan which provides a Paris-style UN agreement on biodiversity loss, to guide actions worldwide that “preserve and protect nature and its essential services to people”.  

The CBD goals aim to stem and reverse ecological destruction of Earth by the end of the decade, and included a plan to protect at least 30 per cent of the world’s land and sea areas, halve the nutrients lost to the environment and eliminate plastic waste.
The 2021 UN General Assembly

Did you miss the sessions?

Reflecting on UNGA 76: In a special edition of the Global Dispatches podcast, UN Foundation President and CEO Elizabeth Cousens shared early reflections with host Mark Goldberg on key UNGA 76 moments and themes, including COVID-19, climate change, and cooperation. Check out the Q&A>>
Most memorable quotes from UNGA: The stakes were high at this year’s UNGA, and key voices from the global community made a resounding call for faster, more urgent action to tackle the challenges facing us today. Revisit some of the standout quotes>>
The food and climate nexus: Following the UN Food Systems Summit, experts came together to Say It With Science. They discussed how our food systems impact our climate and how they can be reworked to address climate change. Watch the event>>

2021 Calendar of Upcoming Public Events for UNA Westchester

October 06 at 7 pm - International Day of the Girl, Westchester County Youth Bureau: REGISTER

October 24 at 3pm - UNA-Westchester's United Nations Day: REGISTER

October 25 at 3:30 pm ET: UNA-USA United Nations Day: “Creating a Blueprinte for a 
Better Future”: register at UNA-USA UN Day
From the UNA-USA-Westchester Chapter Membership Committee
Join Us!

Are you a humanitarian?     
As our President, J. Yuhanna Edwards, tells us, that is the only criterion for joining the Westchester chapter of UNA-USA. If you care about the world and its people, if you believe in reaching across national borders, if you cherish the notion of a nation and a world based on justice, equity, and peace, this is an opportunity for you. If you are looking for the chance to work with other socially conscious people, to contribute your expertise, experience, and interest in areas such as social media and advocacy, to be a voice for change, and to support and protect the increasingly vital work of the United Nations, this is the organization for you. 

Every year, the Westchester UNA-USA chapter hosts events on Human Rights Day, the anniversary of the United Nations, and International Women’s Day. Each year there is an Annual Meeting and Community Consultation on the Future of the United Nations at which your voice can and will be heard.

Our events are amazing—important, timely, educational, moving. Among our many public events this past year, the chapter held an online discussion on ......

And - See below for information about becoming a member.
Ronnie Lichtman
Membership Chair
Board of Directors, UNA W

AND: Please also send an email to our Membership Committee Chair ( so we know you have joined and can invite you to our welcome for new members.
See below, to join us ...
Now …
would be the perfect time for ALL our friends to join as Members.  
Remember, Students Join Free!  Thank you!

You can become a member easily by going to Make sure to click on Westchester in the drop-down box. 
If you are 12-25, it’s free. For all others, first year membership is only $25.00
If you prefer to send a check, include your full name, address, phone number, email, and chapter location (Westchester, of course!) and mail to:
PO Box 96397 
Washington, DC 20090-6397
Raina Kadavil

Line Editor
Marcia Brewster
Online Placement
Nicole Butterfield
Social Media Editor
Raina Kadavil

Yuhanna Edwards, President
Marcia Brewster and Lilli Schindler, Vice Presidents
Karen Rockwell El-Badry, Secretary
Larry O'Connell, Treasurer
Joan Katen, Nominations

Tricia Baldes
Daniel Bena
Nicole Butterfield, Program Co-Chair
Colleen Gardephe, Program Co-Chair
Raina Kadavil, Young Professionals Co-Chair & Communications Chair
Ronnie Lichtman, Membership Chair
Demetrios Mihailidis
Paul Presendieu, Young Professionals Co-Chair
Brenda L. G. Smith, Partnerships Chair

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