We need to talk: about the change of date of our upcoming event!
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Our next online GDF event "My friend, we need to talk" will be moved to Wednesday July 22nd.
Our GDF farmer members and GDF Partners can find the registration button below.

During the event we look at 'How can the supplying industry best service us farmers in times of social distancing and less physical moments contact?' What do I, a dairy farmer, prefer?
Has the manner of communicating changed due to Covid19 or has it merely accelerated the change? As GDF farmers we like to shape the future, so what do we want?

In times of Covid-19 and social distancing, communication between people is put to the test. How do we, farmers with farmers and farmers with the supplying industry, communicate now and in the future? 

Some farmers find it refreshing, not having people arriving unannounced. Some are happy because they finally have time to tackle some overdue maintenance and complete their many projects. The industry representatives wonder how they get in touch with customers when they cannot actually visit them? How can they service them properly? Introduce them to new services which can benefit the farmers?
Webinars and online meetings are popping up like mushrooms. Farmers can take part in all kinds of webinars on numerous topics. Are webinars and other online meetings the new, and maybe taking over, the standard form of communicating? Is doing things online more effective, efficient, a better service?

What would be the ideal mix of communication for us farmers. How, in what way, do we receive the right amount and the most relevant information to grow our farm and to grow as an entrepreneur?

During our upcoming GDF event “My dear friend, we need to talk!” we will discuss where we, GDF farmers and GDF Partners, think the future way of communication and contact should go to. We would like to discuss the following sub-items: means of education, training, P&R and trade fairs, what about direct contact? How can we as farmers get most out of whatever the future type of communication is? How can we as supplying industry make that feasible within reasonable parameters? 

That is what we would like to find out with our GDF farmer members and partners during this  Exclusive online GDF event , which is co-hosted by Holger Kruse from Holm&Laue.
Holger will introduce us to several challenges and opportunities that Covid created, laid bare to us and/or amplified them. The group will be divided into online break out discussion rooms with each a specific challenge. We invite two GDF farmers to share their entire train of thought and actions when making a new investment for their business . How do we inform ourselves? From there we see what challenges and opportunties there are for both farmers and supplying industry. The session ends by having a final group conclusion and evaluation.

GDF Farmer members and GDF Business Partners can sign up for this event by clicking below button. There are limited spots available, where we are seeking a 50/50% Business Partners/Farmer Members.

TIME: 8:30PM – 9:45PM (Amsterdam time zone)

" Social distancing vs. Future business communication "
Future proof farming is something we all want to do. With current challenges caused by or even enlarged by Covid-19 we are more than ever curious about what the future brings. Local or global developments impact your daily work at the farm. With the GDF webinars we organize we seek to provide a glimpse of what the future might or could look like.
Enjoy the videos, and our latest webinar on demand!
dd. 2020.06.13

In these times it is good to reflect and grow the sphere we actually can control. Being a farm owner, you are in the driver’s seat. Enhance your entrepreneurial skills and decide how you want to produce food and built a thriving business now and in the future.

Built a plan and engage your teams to review the on farm processes, are we effective and fit? Which decisions do you make to stay in control. How to use and optimize what is already there? What do you do with possible changes? How using lean and technology can help tackle the some of the challenges faced.

Thanks to Coert van Lenteren from Lely International for this inspiring and practical webinar. Lely is already a GDF business partner for more than 10 years. A perfect match!
dd. 2020.05.27

With current and future water, land, and environmental restrictions, how can we sustainably meet the nutritional needs of our animals while increasing their genetic potential and conserving energy?

How can dairy producers meet the nutrition demands of the cattle and the high standards of the modern consumer, all while staying within the framework of current regulations?

New technology is needed to propel today's dairy into the future.

Join us with Brandon Peterson and John de Jonge on a journey of what this might look like and how we can meet these new demands while sustainably growing our operations.
dd. 2020.05.13

"How is this Covid-19 impacting the dairy markets and what could be the impact in the remainder of the year."

We all want to know what is coming next! What is the impact of COVID-19 on the dairy market in the short and medium term. We do not have a magical Chrystal ball but we do have very good connections with Mels Boer from Hoogwegt. Hoogwegt is ’s worlds biggest privately owned dairy trader, with offices around the globe and sales in 130 different countries. For many years Hoogwegt has been the exclusive buyer of various products / for specific markets for companies like Friesland Campina, Fonterra, Polmlek, Vreugdenhill and many others. Hoogwegt also owns and rents dairy factories around the world.

We look forward to answering your questions, sharing stories
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