Global Great Commission Network - Network Update.

Global Great Commission Network Update
March 2019  Newsletter # 23

We are pleased to provide you this update about the outreach and growth of the Global Great Commission Network (GGCN).  We have much to be thankful for over the past year, including the full deployment and updates to our online tools, including the Discipleship Survey and Connect.

The two articles that follow provide highlights of grassroots development of GGCN in Africa and Asia.  In our November 2018 newsletter we communicated about GGCN leadership opportunities and needs.  Since then, the Global Steering Team and several of the regional and local expressions of GGCN have been strengthened  Several responded and have been connected in various ways.  Our thanks to each for your consideration.

The first following article reports on the appointment of a GGCN Africa Coordinator.  The second article reports on the establishment of GGCN Ceylon in Asia.

GGCN Africa Coordinator Appointment
The Global Steering Team of the Global Great Commission Network is pleased to announce the appointment of Ferdinand Nweke as GGCN Africa Coordinator as of January 2019. Click here for a full announcement including a link to Ferdinand's bio.

Since 2010 the GGCN has worked to build relationships in Africa through key leaders in several countries. Various leaders have stepped forward to represent GGCN in these regions. With the appointment of Ferdinand as GGCN Africa Coordinator, it is the expectation that a renewed commitment to the vision of the Global Great Commission Network can be ignited across the continent.

From Ferdinand Nweke:
My participation in the Global Missions Consultation, Tokyo 2010, helped me gain a better perspective of the Great Commission, the unfinished task, and the many avenues through which God is gathering His harvest. I felt connected to a global force focused on fulfilling the greatest mandate on earth, and left with the certainty that the kingdoms of this world will surely become the kingdom of our God and of His Christ (Rev.11:15). I was thus excited to learn of the possibility of continuing collaboration with other Great Commission ministries and ministers, through the Global Great Commission Network, GGCN. Indeed, Tokyo 2010 was a fresh impetus for global missions, and not an end in itself.

I desire to see a continent of connected, resourced and ignited agencies, associations, churches, networks and individuals making disciples of every people, and mobilizing, equipping and releasing every believer to make disciples locally and globally, from every platform. This movement must then continue until "this gospel of the kingdom is preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations." Matt.24:14

GGCN Asia Report - by Paul Radha Krishnan

GGCN India has been functioning effectively and independently for several years.  GGCN Ceylon was recently launched as GGCN India/Asia leadership met with local mission leaders in 
Colombo, Sri Lanka.  The mission leaders responded that its  a unique and historical time in Sri Lanka church history because GGCN is the first global volunteer mission movement uniting all denomination, both male and female, and all kinds of believers to reach the unreached of Sri Lanka and to make disciples.

The GGCN Ceylon was launched on January 9.  The GGCN Ceylor coordinator, Samuel, invited one representative from each province of Sri Lanka.

The meeting was started with prayer and introductions. Those attending came from Anglican, Methodist, AoG, American Ceylon Mission, Independents, Pentecost, and other denominations.  Participants included pastors, missionaries, evangelists, sports coaches, educators, engineers.and more from all age groups.

After discussion about the needs of Sri Lanka, the leadership prayerfully accepted the following areas to focus through GGCN:
  • Reaching the 70 identified unengaged people groups.
  • Preparing disciples for market place
  • Teaching & training pastors and missionaries
  • Proper Christian education for children & youths
  • Being be an agent for peace and justice among churches and public. 
The representative from Northern Province voluntarily came forward to organize a seminar for grass root level workers at war affected Jaffna area after March.

GGCN Ceylon was launched by God's grace with the leadership of Mr Samuel and other representatives from the provinces as the national steering team members.  


We appreciate the opportunity to connect with each of you and we continue to look for your input and thoughts about the Global Great Commission Network.  And we continue to encourage you to communicate with us and other Great Commission believers around the globe on our online platform.   Connect   registrations and usage continue to grow at a steady pace. A recent addition in
Connect is the use of the " Shared Resources for Connect Users " forum that enables users to post and promote their own resources and products or resources that they recommend. Check it out and consider sharing your own materials.  

David Hupp, for the GGCN Global Steering Team
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