Global Initiative Message - 7/22/16

Dear Global Initiative Friends,

We in the northern hemisphere are suffering from the warmest summer on record!  The effects of Global Warming are truly upon us, and I am hopeful that this irrefutable experience of climate change will cause us to begin our initiative to utilize the solutions that can come from our own conscious awareness.

It has been proven through many studies worldwide, that the mental application of consciousness influences healing--even from great distances.  Positive focus, sending light, meditation and prayer do, in fact, have an effect on illness.  It is the same
principle we will use to dissolve the "disease" of our atmosphere.

I had a wonderful experience of this power just yesterday.  My Special Assistant, Allison and I were walking into my house, when we discovered a hummingbird lying on the floor.  He had a red swollen place under his neck and appeared lifeless.  When Allison picked him up, his head rolled and his eyes were closed; she covered him with her hands and began sending him healing energy.  She then passed the little one to me and I did the same.  After a few minutes, he opened his eyes, but we thought he might have broken his neck or back.  We took him outside and bathed him, put his long beak into some sugar water, and continued to send him light.  After about 10 minutes, he revived and flew off in his sweet hummingbird, helicopter fashion.  It was tremendously exhilarating to be part of such a miraculous event.  I know many of you have had the gift of a similar experience.  

This power of consciousness, used within the Global Arena, is what we will be wielding to dissolve the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Please continue to apply this consciousness in your daily lives, and invite others to the Initiative.

With Great Respect and Love,
Chris Griscom