Global Initiative Phase 2 Activation

Dear Global Initiative Participants,

At the dawn of this New Year, we have arrived at the propitious moment to activate the second phase of our initiative and commence our ultimate goal of de-manifesting the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere so that our magnificent planet can return to balance and preserve all its life forms.

Over the past year, we have gained the capacity and confidence to truly effect change of this magnitude through the focus of Consciousness--and we have witnessed spectacular, direct results.  The laws of physics have proven to us that "the observed is changed by the observer."  We know that energy changes form and that there are pathways between the manifest and un-manifest.  We know that we can participate in the alteration of matter through pure Consciousness, and we can do so in harmony with nature for the highest good.
Let us begin to specifically target the CO2 in the atmosphere.  Through the technology of Consciousness, we simply imagine we are seeing these invisible gases (as dots, or clouds, or waves) in the sky and we laser our conscious command to de-manifest out of our world.  The thought carries the power to shift the energy and recompose an atmosphere free of excessive CO2.  We can extend a secondary energetic result of a cooling effect, as well.  Once we have placed the thought, we then hold in our minds a sky in balance.
We entrain ourselves to create a continuous streaming of this Conscious mandate so that throughout the day, whether we are inside or actually seeing the sky, we effortlessly direct the energy of de-manifestation into the atmosphere.  Once initiated, our Conscious directives are actually outside of time and space and will continue to influence the atmosphere.   They take less than one minute of our illusionary time reference to be set in motion.

Please begin your work in the place you live.  These techniques are even more powerful in unison with others, so enlist your family and friends to join you.  If you coordinate a time each day in which you all extend your Consciousness into the sky, the effects will be exponential.  You will be able to intuit a sense of collective Consciousness that you all share.  This, in itself, activates a higher human potential that will accelerate our own evolution of Consciousness and our purpose in life.

We will send you this message through a podcast as well, and will be initiating weekly podcasts to update you and amplify the energies throughout this great collective endeavor.

Meanwhile, we extend to you our profound gratitude and Great Love,
Chris Griscom and the Global Initiative Staff