August 20, 2020
Global Kairos for Justice Network calls Churches to Action

"We call upon all Christians and on churches at congregational, denominational, national, and global ecumenical levels to engage in a process of study, reflection and confession concerning the historic and systemic deprivation of the rights of the Palestinian people, and the use of the Bible by many to justify and support this oppression. We cannot serve God while remaining silent about the oppression of the Palestinians."

So reads "Cry for Hope: A Call to Decisive Action," a historic document released earlier this summer by Kairos Palestine and Global Kairos for Justice, a worldwide coalition born in response to the 2009 Kairos Palestine “Moment of Truth: a word of faith, hope, and love from the heart of Palestinian suffering." "Cry for Hope" calls on church leaders and church bodies to undertake 7 actions, including challenging Christian Zionism, support for Palestinian resistance, including BDS, and alternative tourism to witness the facts on the ground. Global Kairos for Justice now begins a process of working with church bodies across its global regions to pursue these actions. 

Read Rev Jeff Wright's piece in Mondoweiss providing background and overview, links to "Cry for Hope" in 13 languages, and the opportunity to join the over 400 church leaders, theologians, and activists from across the world and the now over 10,000 people who have endorsed "Cry for Hope." Jeff writes:

"The release of Cry for Hope comes at a time of global crises when the world’s attention has been directed to the most vulnerable. Global Kairos for Justice, a coalition of concerned Christians from a wide diversity of churches and related organizations committed to using nonviolent means to end Israel’s occupation, is supporting movements around the world that are seeking to bring down structures of racism, ethnic cleansing, violations of human rights and the abuse of land and its resources."

Visit the Cry for Hope website to read the document and show your support.
United Methodist Kairos Response resources for anti-racism, webinar series

The current email newsletter from United Methodist Kairos Response offers a wealth of information and articles with anti-racism as the focus. The issue also provides links to recordings of UMKR's outstanding 2020 summer webinar series, including webinars on responsible tourism, annexation, and Covid-19 in Palestine.

A recording of the recent webinar on Christian Zionism with Stephen Sizer and Munther Isaac will be posted on the UMKR website soon. Look for a link in the next issue of Palestine Portal News.

There is a lot happening in our community! Visit Palestine Portal's Community News. And when you get there, keep scrolling, there is a lot to see: voices from the church community and their allies in the international network of justice organizations opposing the theft of Palestinian land; opportunities for political advocacy; and news of a historic resolution taken by the Unitarian Universalists.

While you are on the site, check out "Coming Events." Again, keep scrolling! -- for coming webinars and links to ones you missed, virtual conferences, and film screenings.
Rep. Betsy McCollum introduces bill to block US funding for annexing Palestinian land

Rep. Betty McCollum has introduced a bill that would block U.S. funding from being used to annex Palestinian land. The Israeli Annexation Non-Recognition Act is endorsed by over 30 progressive organizations and is cosponsored by six other Democratic House members: Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, Mark Pocan, and Andre Carson.

The Other Side of the Wall:
A New book from Rev. Munther Isaac of Kairos Palestine

"In the same way in which we are almost invisible on the other side of the wall for the millions of pilgrims who visit the Holy Land every year, we have been invisible when it comes to Western Christian attitudes toward our land. We, the Palestinians, including Palestinian Christians, have always been on the “other side of the wall.”

So writes Palestinian pastor and theologian Munther Isaac in his moving and powerful new book, The Other Side of the Wall.

Scholar, writer and champion of Palestinian rights Dr. Colin Chapman offers this praise: “Here is a passionate cri de coeur from a Palestinian theologian addressed to the worldwide church...The book is full of memorable personal experiences and biblical exposition that is grounded in serious scholarship. It is well documented, thoroughly up to date, and amazingly readable. I can’t think of a more powerful and moving account of what it means to live out the Sermon on the Mount in an impossibly difficult situation. In the end we are presented not just with spiritual insights but with a realistic vision of how this seemingly endless conflict could actually be resolved.”

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